How to move to Ontario from Saskatchewan alone?

    Moving to Ontario from Saskatchewan can prove to be a challenge seeing how they are 2546km apart. Moving alone is always easier than moving with your entire family, so you will have less preparation to do. But on the other hand, moving alone can prove to be more stressful for you personally. But no matter if you’re moving to start anew, for your studies, or for a new job, Centennial Moving has your back. Let’s talk about how to move to Ontario from Saskatchewan alone.

    Get to know Ontario

    It might sound a bit old-fashioned, but you could consider buying a map of the city. It’s a cool old way of exploring and it will help you be better oriented in general. Not only that but do you know how good of an investment a map is? What if your phone dies or shuts off due to the cold? You won’t have to worry because you’ve got your map to help you out. When moving from Saskatchewan to Ontario be sure to have the map ready and even get to know the roads that lead to Ontario.

    A woman carrying a suitcase

    Moving alone will bring you a lot of opportunities.

    You could also just keep the map somewhere visible in your home. For example, on your fridge, next to the mirror in your bathroom, or similar. This way you’ll see it more times during the day and you’ll start familiarizing yourself with where what is. Or make a game out of visiting random places you touch on the map and getting to know your new city!

    Do some research before moving

    Showing up without doing some research is generally frowned upon. You’ll be in the situation of not knowing anything and still having to do the research only in Ontario this time. So, it really is only logical to do it beforehand. We would recommend visiting Reddit. If you’re familiar with Reddit, you know of the existence of subreddits. And every town and city has its own subreddit. Sometimes, it’s just a funny meme you’ll come across. But most of the time you’ll also be able to find some good information about the town you’re moving to. First-hand information about moving or about the community from people already living in Ontario is much more valuable than getting it from other sources.

    If Reddit has proved to be too difficult to navigate, you can always try out some other forums. If you Google “moving to Ontario forum”, you might be able to find something more up your lane. Just don’t be lazy and give it a shot!

    A picture of the Reddit app

    Reddit is one of the few places you can find unfiltered information about anything you need.

    Try co-living, or find a roommate

    Co-living is a new, modern way of living where you have your own room and bathroom, but a shared kitchen and living space. Sometimes just the living space for those who are devoted cooks and need their own kitchen. Co-living is an amazing idea for those who move to Ontario from Saskatchewan alone because it will be the first step to creating new friendships. Co-living facilities offer a lot of mixers and parties for their residents, so there will always be something happening and you’ll never get bored!

    For those who aren’t keen on sharing living spaces with more than one person, you might want to settle for a roommate. You can find roommates on Facebook or a similar site, or even through  There are always people looking for someone to live with, and thanks to the internet, you can get to know them a bit before becoming roommates. What we do recommend though is that you immediately cover some of the more important aspects of sharing a space with someone. Such as who cleans what, when, and other similar obligations.

    Pack smartly

    Long-distance moving is always a bit more complicated and hard than other types of moving. Since you’ll be starting your life basically anew, a smart idea would be to downsize significantly. Take your essentials and whatever you can buy again, decide to buy. Of course, electrical supplies like fridges and the like should not always be bought, again and again, that’s what your movers London ON are there for. More expensive pieces and necessary electronics you already own and are in perfect condition, those are for moving.

    Most likely no one will be there to help you unpack unless you’ve reserved packing and unpacking services. So pack the essentials with no unnecessary items.

    A woman packing a suitcase

    Pack lightly since you’ll be beginning your life anew.

    Sell used items and buy used items

    Since moving is a big and expensive thing to go through, be sure to save some money by selling whatever you don’t need. We would recommend donating clothes and things like that to a shelter. But for bigger items like electronics, be sure to sell them online. And when you get settled into your new home in your new city, you should also search for used items to buy. You never know how quickly you might be moving again. It’s best to get used electronics or even furniture and carpets. This way you will get it for cheaper, and won’t feel guilty if you move again.

    On the flip side, if you’re moving now and never planning to move again, then new electronics are the way to go. A used fridge is completely fine and good until it isn’t. A new one will be much more durable. A new TV will be much more worth it than a used one that you might need to replace in a few years. So, really most of the things you plan on buying depend on you personally and your plans for the future.

    Now that you’ve read over some of our tips on how to move to Ontario from Saskatchewan alone, we hope you’ll be able to create the perfect plan. If being lonely is something that’s causing you a lot of stress, worry not, the easiest part of moving is making new friends, you’ll see.

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