How to look for seasonal moving deals in Canada

    Moving any distance requires you to have a budget and save up money. Some moves are more expensive than others, depending on the distance, season, day of the week, etc. However, there are ways to find seasonal moving deals in Canada that will make this move easier. Centennial Moving Canada has been assisting customers for a while and sharing with them tips on how to do this. Stay with us and find out how to find the best deals.

    What’s the best season to move?

    This can be debated, but based on when the peak happens and when most people choose to move, we can safely say that summer is the most popular season to move. There are a few reasons why this is. The reasons are:

    • The weather is good. Even though in certain places summers can be too hot, the weather is favorable, in most cases. You don’t want to risk moving in the rain, strong wind, or snow, so moving during the summer is a safe bet.
    • Most leases expire. Most leases expire during June and July. This gives people a push to look for new places and move out.
    • People have more free time. Many businesses and companies switch to summer hours during this season, which gives people more free time to deal with moving. Also, your kids are not in school so they can help out.
    • House hunting time. With the weather being nice, most people are eager to look for houses during the summer.
    Family looking for a house

    Many people hunt for homes during the summer

    Even though all of this makes sense, when everyone decides to do this at the same time, moving companies, as well as real estate agencies become overbooked. This is why some people decide to move during other seasons, even though it might be a bit riskier. We will talk about the benefits of doing that as well.

    Why is moving off-season good?

    Even though many people choose to move during the summer, and it obviously does have its perks, many choose to do it off-season, as well. No matter if we are talking about local or long distance moving, some people prefer to do it when companies are less booked and more flexible to work around the date you pick. This is not the only reason, here are some more:

    • Availability. As already mentioned, with moving companies being less busy during the off-season, you will most likely be able to pick any company you want and even be able to choose the date and time for your move. This is very hard to do during the peak, as people usually take what they can get.
    • Flexibility. Similar to the first reason, this one means that moving companies will be more flexible and discuss what’s most convenient for you. They will personalize the move more when there are fewer clients.
    • Preparation. If you decide to pack your stuff by yourself, you will need packing supplies. The good thing about the off-season is that you will not have to worry about any supply being out of stock, which often happens during the season.
    • Price. Moving during the off-season is generally cheaper than moving during the peak. Since the off-season is (generally) in the winter, many companies offer Holiday deals and discounts as well.

    Now you know some perks of moving during the off-season as well. Many people don’t have the luxury to choose because of different work and real estate deadlines, but if you do have the option, you can compare relocating during the peak and during the off-season and see what fits your moving plan better.

    How can you look for seasonal moving deals in Canada?

    If you are on the hunt for seasonal moving deals in Canada, there are a few ways to do it. Each season has its own deals, which is convenient. However, most seasonal deals are during the winter holidays. One reason for that is, as we mentioned, that this is the off-season and many companies are less busy, therefore they are attracting more customers by offering good deals and discounts.

    Woman looking for seasonal moving deals in Canada on her tablet

    You will find a lot of seasonal moving deals in Canada during the holidays.

    The best way to check what seasonal moving deals in Canada you can find is by going on different companies’ websites and checking what they can offer. You can also send them an email or call them since there might be some deals that are not advertised on the website. Many reliable moving companies that provide a plethora of Canadian moving services also offer deals and discounts for different groups, organizations, communities, etc. It is important to check for these no matter when you are moving.

    Where else can you look for seasonal moving deals in Canada?

    You already know that the internet has an answer to every question there is. So, searching for seasonal moving deals in Canada online is a clever idea too. Do some research on your own first, and then you can join a Facebook group with your locals who probably have some advice. If you haven’t picked out a moving company yet, asking which one offers the best seasonal moving deals will be helpful when making the decision.

    These seasonal deals are not always related to moving home only, they apply to other services too. For example, many car shipping companies Canada can offer will give seasonal deals and discounts as well. Packing and storage services are there too. You can save some money using seasonal deals on that too.

    Car toy in show with a tree on the top

    During the holiday season, you can even find discounts for car shipping.

    Always look for a good deal!

    As we said before if you have the option to plan your move around a date you choose, do it when you can find good seasonal moving deals. Why not try to save some money and get great service? However, made sure the moving company you are researching is reliable and professional. With so many people moving to the Country of Canada, certain unverified moving companies offer services that are not legitimate.

    Some not-so-reputable companies will offer many seasonal moving deals in Canada to attract people due to their low-quality services, but you should not go for it just because there is a discount. Always go for a company with skilled movers, a professional approach, and good feedback. We wish you good luck!


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