How to help your dog adapt after moving to ON

    Everyone knows how stressful moving can be. But, have you ever thought about pets and how it affects them? Pets love routines and habits, and any change in their environment can cause anxiety. We cannot explain to them what is going on, but we can try to reduce their anxiety. Centennial Moving is here to help you out, and share some tips on how to help your dog adapt after moving to ON. Along with unpacking boxes and decorating your new home, take some time and devote it to your dog. 

    Try to maintain their daily routine

    A lot of movers London ON has will help you out and relocate all of your belongings as fast as they can. You will not have so many tasks to do, so you can dedicate your time to your pet. A lot of dogs have an established time when do they eat their breakfast or lunch. Any changes to that can disrupt them and mix their emotions. When you arrive at your new home, no matter if it is equipped or not, continue with this routine. When relocating with a dog, try to stay on schedule. The more you can stick to your dog’s habits when you’re settling in after the move, the better they will be able to adjust to your new home.

    Teach your children to help your dog adapt after moving to ON

    Even when it is hard and challenging, try to keep up with your daily routine.

    Set up their space right away

    Leave all of your possessions, such as your car to car movers Canada has, and focus on your dog’s items. When you arrive to your new home, set up his space right away. Place his toys, blanket, bed, a bowl of water in a corner of a room. It doesn’t have to be his place forever, you may change it. This will leave him with a feeling of being at home, surrounded by familiar items. Your dog will remain calm and not confused due to this change of place. It is very important to help your dog adapt after moving to ON. 

    A woman with a dog

    Give your dog a lot of attention and help your dog adapt after moving to ON.

    Anti-anxiety tricks

    If your dog traveled for a long time, he must be very anxious or scared. You may want to talk to his vet before traveling and see what works best for him. There are of course plenty of other ideas. While moving companies Burlington have unloaded your belongings, you can let your dog release the energy. Play him some music that you know relaxes him. If you have a yard, let him run outside and roam around. Don’t lock him in the apartment right away and expect that he will be better. 

    Be patient and persistent

    The best thing you can do during this period is to be patient and communicate with your dog. Be aware that they’re going through something difficult, and make it as easy for them as you can. If your dog does something unusual, like bark excessively or have an accident in the house, don’t panic. It is quite normal and everything will be fine. Any negative conduct will be gone if you help your dog adapt after moving to ON.


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