How to choose a car shipping service in Canada

    Choosing the right car shipping service can be nerve-wracking! Many companies provide this service, and sifting through them can be time-consuming and frustrating. You may end up choosing incorrectly and having a bad car shipping experience. That’s why it’s important to have the right information to make an informed decision. Otherwise, you’re entrusting your valuable vehicle into the hands of a company you know nothing about. Luckily, Centennial Moving Canada is always there to jump in and help with their amazing movers. So, if you need some help, just keep reading our guide on how to choose a car shipping service in Canada that suits you!

    How should I choose a car shipping service in Canada?

    Now, before you start researching companies, sit down and make a list of services that you’re looking for. This could include:

    1. Enclosed shipping to protect your vehicle because it’s highly valuable
    2. Door service to save you the trouble of driving to or from a terminal
    3. International shipping if you’re moving to another country or buying a vehicle somewhere

    After you’ve made the list, you can start to narrow down your options. Jump on the internet and start searching for car shipping companies Canada that offer exactly what you need. You should find out where they operate, what type of company they are, how they are rated if their prices are fair, and if they are a legitimate company.

    A driver in a car that managed to choose a car shipping service in Canada

    Here’s how to choose a car shipping service in Canada that you won’t regret!

    The region they operate in

    Of course, one of the first questions you need to ask is where a shipping company operates. This is something you should know before looking at other services they provide. Shipping companies will usually be one of the following four types:

    1. Local
    2. Regional
    3. National
    4. International

    Depending on what you need, you will choose one of these four types. The first type of shipping company is local. These usually conduct their business in one area only. If you need short-haul transport from one city or town to another in the same province, then this might be the right fit for you.

    Further on, regional car shipping companies will cover larger areas such as the East or West Coast, for example. So, if you’re moving to another province then take a look at regional companies.

    If you’re planning a cross country relocation then you should look into national shipping companies. They usually have many trucks and vehicles, as well as partner carriers so their services cover the whole country.

    Are you planning a long distance relocation to another country? Then check out international car shipping services. This can be a little bit trickier because you need to make sure the company knows the ins and outs of importing and exporting regulations.

    Choosing the best car shipping company for you will depend on the distance and origin and destination of your move.

    Insurance information

    Another important thing to keep in mind is moving insurance. You want to feel safe and secure with your choice, and having valid insurance coverage is a priority. That’s why you should always ask the company to explain their insurance contracts so you know exactly what you can expect. Never sign a contract you’re not sure of or if you don’t understand what it means.

    Transit times are important when you want to choose a car shipping service in Canada

    When you’re choosing a car shipping service, transit time is really important to keep in mind. These transit times are different for every company. That’s why you should definitely ask for information and an estimate. You might be in a hurry so you have to find a company with shorter transit times. Or you might have some time so you can opt for something a little cheaper.

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    Finding a fair deal is the best feeling ever!

    Fair price

    Next up on our list is pricing! This might be more important to some, especially if you’re on a tight budget or your move. However, choosing the cheapest option might not be the best choice. With the cheapest offers out there, you are putting your vehicle at risk. And your shipping time might be much longer.

    Sometimes going for a middle or even higher price will leave you feeling satisfied and happy. Sure, it’s more money, but at least you’ll have a stress-free experience. If you’re looking for the best offers out there, look no further than relocation services Canada for the best services.

    Customer reviews

    Finding out what previous customers think about a company is a must! However, nowadays it can be tough to find reviews that are sincere and honest. So, don’t take the reviews on their website for granted. Instead, try to find a third-party site like Facebook where people write their honest opinion. But keep in mind that cross Canada moving solutions do exist, so don’t give up if you’re feeling frustrated.

    Another option is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. Maybe they’ve had a great experience with a service so you don’t need to look any further. On the other hand, they can also warn you about a company which will be useful information.

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    Online presence is very important in this day and age

    Online presence

    Moving on, online presence is something you need to take into consideration when thinking about how to choose a car shipping service in Canada. Start from their website first. It is up to date? Is it easy to use? Are they transparent about their services and prices?  Is it accessible and straightforward or does it seem unclear?

    Once you’ve checked out their website, turn to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Do they have an online presence? Are they trying to attract customers and be available to them on multiple platforms? If a company has zero media presence that can mean many things. In any case, it’s better to find a car shipping service that gives you as much information about their company as possible.

    Summary on how to choose a car shipping service in Canada

    As we motioned above, there are multiple factors you need to consider when you want to choose a car shipping service. The most important thing, though, is being informed. Make sure you take a look at more than two services so you can compare shipping times, pricing, and reputation. A company you can trust will be fair with their pricing, transparent about their services, and will make sure your vehicle arrives safely!


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