How to avoid moving day disasters in Surrey

    Moving is a time-consuming endeavor that can go out of control if you don’t plan it out carefully. Items get damaged, unexpected events disrupt your schedule, etc. However, it’s good to remember that delays are common when moving. Not everything has to go exactly according to the schedule. When you have a well-versed team of movers, it’s possible to re-adjust your plan and avoid moving day disasters in Surrey. Therefore, make sure to contact us at Centennial Moving to help you organize and handle all aspects of your move! We work as one of the best moving companies Canada offers, reputable for efficient and high-quality work. By hiring us, you are securing a safe and effortless move from the moment you book our free estimate, to the end of your move.

    You’ll easily avoid moving day disasters in Surrey by organizing on time

    The organization always comes first when moving. It would be ideal to start planning as soon as you decide you are going to change your place of residence. Once you do it, you’ll avoid feeling stressed right at the beginning of your relocation journey.

    a pile of moving boxes on the floor

    Moving can get chaotic without proper organization.

    Prepare a moving budget

    A moving budget prepared on time removes all your worries and doubts regarding moving expenses. Nowadays, there are online calculators that can give you an overall idea of how much your move would cost. However, don’t consume approximate cost as the actual. The final price of the move always goes higher, depending on the services and the company’s price points. If you are new to budget planning, simply consult moving experts or someone you know who had experience moving.

    This is what you should include in your moving budget plan:

    • Labor per hour
    • Storage size and rental period
    • Packing supplies 
    • Transportation 
    • Junk removal 

    Inform your neighbors about the move

    A moving day is stressful itself, and the last you need is your nervous next-door neighbor angrily interrupting your move. To make the entire day easier to handle, knock on your neighbor’s doors and let them know politely when is your moving day taking place. Remind them there will be noise, as the movers you hired are the ones that do the job quickly.

    Declutter your home before you go shopping for moving supplies

    Too many items getting in your way will slow down your move and make it frustrating. Therefore, let decluttering be the no.1 activity on your task list. Take a day or two (or even three) to sort all items for:

    • Sale
    • Donations
    • Gifts 
    • Recycling
    • Garbage

    Be mindful when separating objects that are either for recycling or trash. Even old electronic device parts can be recycled nowadays. Also, make good use of simple apps like Sortly that makes sorting easier. You don’t have to write everything down. Just take pictures of your items, and sort them into categories. Decluttering also cuts the cost of your move. When you are free of excess items, you don’t have to shop for too many moving boxes. Furthermore, movers will spend less time packing your home for the move.

    focused woman thinking how to avoid moving day disasters in Surrey

    Declutter your home before the moving preparations begin.

    Consider renting a storage

    Moving chaos is easy to avoid when you have a safe place to store your belongings. As much as DIY storage ideas may seem appealing, they aren’t as good for long-distance journeys as you might think. Electronics, liquids, artwork, and many other items require a temperature-controlled environment in order to stay in one piece for the duration of your move. Moving, especially long-distance, is impossible to go smoothly without a decent storage unit. Plus, it comes more cost-effective than DIY storage spaces (basements, spare rooms, etc.).

    Hire a professional moving crew and avoid moving day disasters in Surrey

    There’s no place for unpleasant situations once you hire a long distance moving company you can rely on. In case you wonder “Why hire long-distance movers?”, here are the reasons:

    • Reputable long-distance moving companies are equipped with tools, knowledge, and experience.
    • They specialize in a wide range of packing services you might need in case you have bulky and breakable items you don’t know how to properly disassemble and pack.
    • Your move is insured from start to finish.
    • Most long-distance moving companies Surrey BC has on the market produce packing supplies and offer them at affordable prices.
    • You get all services in one place.

    Choose experienced movers that can handle unexpected situations

    It’s important that the company you hire is organized, yet flexible in case something unexpected delays your moving activities. Whether it’s a personal reason, rainstorm, or something else, you won’t feel stressed if you have reliable and capable movers to help you. Keep in mind the movers are there for you and not the other way around. Therefore, don’t hesitate to let them know about the changes and tweak the plan.

    happy guy carrying boxes

    By hiring competent movers, you’ll easily avoid moving day disasters in Surrey.

    Go step by step when searching for the movers in Surrey

    Don’t just google cross country movers Canada has on offer and pick the first one that shows up in search results. It’s risky to hire just any company without doing a background check on them. This is the reason to take a systematic approach:

    • Check if the company is registered, licensed, and has a unique USDOT number.
    • See if they offer moving insurance and the services you need.
    • Contact the company’s personnel and confirm there are no surprising fees that come as soon as you sign a contract.
    • Ask for more than one moving quote. Compare them and decide which company is the one to hire.

    Patience is crucial during the move

    Practicing patience is the best way to avoid moving day disasters in Surrey. If the movers are stuck in traffic, use that extra time to check the boxes once more, or dust the entrance routes. If you need more rest in-between packing tasks, gave a tea time, or take a nap. Last but not least, don’t rush with packing. Pack your home one item at a time and leave bulkier items to the movers. That way, you’ll avoid getting injured or damaging any of the items in the process.

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