Guide to moving to Vancouver after a divorce

    Having a divorce is not easy. If you ask people who went threw a divorce they will tell you that it is an exhausting thing. If you have kids the thing is even worse. Going to court if you can’t agree on shared custody is a really bad experience for everybody. A lot of people go throw changes after a divorce and some change the place where they live. Some even change the city and the state. Moving to Vancouver after a divorce can be beneficial for you because Vancouver is a great place to start again. And there are a lot of good schools for your kids. A lot of job opportunities, a lot of apartments, and houses to purchase or rent. For your move, there are relocation companies Canada that are specialized in moving. If you have to go throw a divorce and have a lot of stress about it, you don’t have to stress about moving. They are going to help you move smoothly and easily.

    Your mental health after a divorce is important

    Because it is not easy after a divorce the best thing to do is not to trap yourself in your home and with your thoughts. You need to push yourself even if you don’t want to. We said that moving can be beneficial. If you are moving from Montreal to Vancouver, the best thing is to find good long distance movers. Let the movers do all the work, and you worry only about your mental health and pushing yourself to do the things you always wanted to do.

    Picture frame that says: "Self care isn't selfish"

    Work on your mental health

    How to find movers

    Finding movers is easy, but you have to be careful. You want to avoid rogue movers at all costs! If you are going into a divorce, you don’t have to go throw stress with unprofessional movers. Always request at least 3 moving quotes when you need long distance moving. This way you will see if there is a potential red flag. If you see that some offer is much bigger or the opposite, you need to do research and see if that is a rogue mover. Paying in advance is also a red flag. Reputable movers don’t request money upfront!

    two professional movers in a van talking about moving to Vancouver after a divorce

    Find reputable movers before moving to Vancouver after a divorce

    Planning budget for relocation to Vancouver after a divorce

    Budget is important and you need to be aware that money dictates what services you can use from movers and what you can expect. These are potential costs of moving:

    • Base moving fee
    • Moving insurance
    • Additional insurance
    • Storage costs
    • Packing and supplies costs
    • Utility transfer and setup
    • Optional charges

    The best way to know how much is everything going to cost is a moving quote. And always ask movers if any potential hidden costs can appear. Long distance movers BC are there to answer all your questions about moving.

    To Sum Up

    The most important thing after a divorce is to stay positive and work on your mental health. If you think that moving to Vancouver after a divorce is a good thing for you, do it! You won’t regret it. The city of Vancouver is a great place to start again. You want movers by your side when moving after a divorce. You don’t need additional stress!

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