Guide to helping seniors deal with homesickness

    Most people face the feeling of longing for familiar things related to their home as children. It is enough to spend a few days away from home to feel that you miss all about it. For kids who felt homesick, everything ends once they come back to their home. But for seniors who leave their cozy homes, it is a lot harder to cope with these feelings. This is because seniors leave their homes permanently and they will not turn back for many reasons. If you have senior relatives, family members, or just older dear friends you will want to help them get over homesickness. Luckily, our experts from moving companies Canada will share with you tips for helping seniors deal with homesickness. With our help, you will learn ways to make leaving home easier for your seniors. Let’s see what steps you should take to accomplish this!

    Talking about the move is one of the ways for helping seniors deal with homesickness

    Regardless of how old a person is, moving is probably one of the most stressful events in their lifetime. Nevertheless, elderly people find leaving home an extremely hard task for them. This is because they need to leave the home they lived in for years, which makes this step even harder. There is no doubt, leaving a familiar place with all those memories is challenging at their age. To help them out, you should address their fears and difficulties. And talking about the upcoming relocation is a perfect way to find the right approach that will not make things worse. If they need your help to find reliable Canadian moving services, take time to help them. But don’t forget to keep them involved and let them decide on the main things about the move. Interact with them and help them maintain autonomy during the move.

    A daughter thinking about helping seniors deal with homesickness while hugging her mother

    A lot of conversation is a proven way for helping seniors deal with homesickness.

    Whether your elderly parents or relatives are chatty or not, it may be difficult for you to start a conversation about their feelings. However, the moving process requires a lot of planning which includes agreements about tasks that need to be finished. So, our movers London ON recommend you to use this conversation as an introduction for more serious topics. When they know you are there to help them organize their move, it is more likely for them to share their feelings of sadness, discomfort, loneliness, etc. Once they do that, it will be easier for you to identify what bothers them and makes them feel that way. And it will become easier for you while helping your seniors deal with homesickness.

    Visit their new place together

    Leaving familiar things like dear home, neighbors and friends is terrifying to most seniors. Whether your seniors moving to a smaller home,  an aged-care home, or retirement village, help them get familiar with that new place. So, find some time and take them along to meet with new neighbors and staff. This will help them socialize and feel less intimidated and confused after the move. Familiarising elderly adults with their new environment is a crucial step in helping seniors deal with homesickness after the move.

    A young woman helping senior man

    Prepare to visit their new place together.

    Being respectful and considerate of their routine is a must when helping seniors deal with homesickness

    Once they realize they need to make this huge step in life, seniors can feel helpless but also angry. To ease this process, show them the respect that they deserve and be ready to meet their needs during the move. Every part of the relocation will be taxing for your seniors. If you will help seniors downsize or declutter their current home, make sure to pay attention to their feelings. Firstly ask seniors what items they want to keep and bring to their new address. If you skip asking them and make decisions instead of them, they will feel even worse.

    They need your attention but also their routine

    Although it is hard for them to admit, senior does not like disturbing their routine. And when the time for moving comes, they will need to face many changes. For that reason, take the advice from our moving companies Kitchener and have an open conversation with your seniors about their routine. Try to do all it takes to avoid disturbing their routine. Together you can make a list of items that they can not imagine their day without. This way you will help them maintain their daily routine. Also, you can keep track of their medication, maintain their exercise or walking, serve their meals on time. If they did not have this kind of help earlier, it will be easier to accept their new routine in the aged-care home.

    One of the most efficient ways to help your seniors stick to their routine as long as possible is hiring our reliable cross country movers CA. Professionals will take care of most moving tasks and you will have enough room to focus on helping elderly relatives deal with homesickness. Moving assistance will decrease the stress about tasks that need to be done.

    Two women preparing meal together

    Help them get through the moving preparations without stress.

    Help seniors prepare for moving day and life after the move

    The most difficult period your loved seniors will need to face starts after the move is over. Whether they move to a new home or healthcare facility, once they arrive they will have plenty of time for thinking. In those moments, you might not be there to talk with them. So, you will need to prepare your elderly parents to maintain a positive attitude throughout the entire process. That means you are the one that should have a positive attitude all the time. Because if you don’t it will be easier for them to get frustrated or nervous. Make them laugh all the time, plan amazing weekends in the future because that is a way of helping seniors deal with homesickness. Also, being there for them on the big day is really important for your senior. Plan that in advance!


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