Frequently asked questions about consolidated moves

    Consolidated moving is the most profitable method of international relocating. But what exactly is consolidated moving?  How does it work? Centennial Moving Canada, the leading supplier of combined moving in Canada, discusses the frequently asked questions about consolidated moves.

    What are the most frequently asked questions about consolidated moves?

    The terms get a lot of people confused. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. Here are some of the questions people often ask our experts:

    1. What is a consolidated move?
    2. How does it work?
    3. How much does it cost to relocate?
    4. Why should I opt for it?
    5. How long is the transit time?

    Let’s dive into them.

    What is a consolidated move?

    A combined move is when your possessions are carried overseas, between cities or across the country, in the same shipping container as the belongings of others since they are all heading to the same location. Aside from sea transfers, there are options to move your belongings by truck. As a result, they are particularly suitable to persons moving fewer amounts of possessions and who want a more economical and even ecological moving solution.

    Consolidated sea transfers are also the most ecologically beneficial option. Sea freight emits around 44 times less CO2 than air freight. It’s no surprise that it’s the most common method of international shipping.

    Cargo ship with containers

    Consolidated relocations are suitable for people moving with fewer possessions

    How does it work?

    Consolidated moves sometimes appear complicated, but they are rather simple to arrange. If you are currently planning to move internationally, and you are not sure what moving company to choose, you are in the right place, because the best cross Canada movers are here to make your move easier.

    Here are some steps you should follow after you’ve decided which moving company matches your requirements. For starters, your moving coordinator will join you with others who are heading to the same location. Your items will then be stored in the same container as theirs. It’s important to identify your container when it’s full before shipping.  This can prolong your transport time since you’ll have to wait for your container to fill. In general, the shorter the waiting time for marine freight, the more preferred the destination. However, there has been a global container deficit since the start of the COVID epidemic. This implies that even if your location is preferred, you may have to wait.

    Your moving company will unite with a moving business in your destination country. Also, they need to ensure that you have all the appropriate papers to clear your possessions through customs.

    How much does it cost to relocate?

    Moving across the country can be stressful. However, with so many factors, obtaining an accurate price is usually impossible.  Moving professionals will assess your situation, inspect your goods, and estimate the cost of moving to your preferred location. You will receive a free moving estimate and will not be required to book services if you do not like it. The moving company will respond to you quickly if you complete a quick quote form. If there is any doubt, you can always contact the best relocation services in Canada and you will be answered all about frequently asked questions about consolidated moves.

    Person Putting Coin in a Piggy Bank while thinking about frequently asked questions about consolidated moves

    Questions about prices are the most frequently asked questions about consolidated moves.

    Why should I opt for a consolidated move?

    There is a large number of families that are relocating to their new homes overseas or across countries every year. Because of that, it’s necessary to choose a reputable, well-known international moving company for your consolidated relocation. They can handle every aspect of your long-distance transfer, whether it is a commercial shipment or personal home belongings. Cross-border professionals will advise you on the moving procedure, walk you through the necessary paperwork, and answer any of your concerns. You will receive superior service. Above that, as long as they are leading companies, they will fill their containers faster.

    You will have a personal moving consultant throughout the whole moving procedure and the finest moving staff to ensure a smooth international transfer. You will receive one of the most excellent relocation services available at a reasonable price and with a smile.

    There are a few primary reasons why so many customers choose consolidated move.

    You’ll have peace of mind

    They only use competent, FIDI-accredited shipping partners to transport your stuff securely and quickly. FIDI- Global Alliance is the biggest worldwide recognized alliance of international moving companies. Regular external audits on more than 200 quality standards, guarantee that FIDI members continually deliver the best moving services possible. They are often appearing on the list of frequently asked questions about consolidated moves.

    Safety is number one

    Containers are just for their clients – you will only share a container with customers from the same company.  The containers are sealed as they leave and only unlocked when they arrive. Your goods will always be in the same container. So you can be confident that everything will arrive at its destination securely and intact. This is one of the main reasons why people choose Centennial Moving Canada.

    Meets customers’ needs

    Moving companies provide tailor-made services to meet your demands and budget, from the essentials to details.  You choose the moving date and location, and they organize everything. From packing to direct collecting of your goods from your house all the way to customs check, shipment, delivery, and unpacking. They also provide short and long-term storage, car transfer, pet transportation, and insurance.

    How long is the usual transit time with consolidated moves?

    Consolidated move transit times will vary depending on a few things. The first factor is the scale of your relocation. The longer it can take, the smaller the movement. Before they get on the road, movers rely on several things. So, if you choose a small mover with a low volume, you may be waiting up to 21 days from the pickup date. Also, the distance might have an impact on transit times. For example, long distance moving from Canada to the USA will take longer than moving from Kamloops to Red Deer.

    Ship located in the port.

    Consolidated moves can last up to a few weeks

    Always do a background check

    Before hiring movers, you should always research. Occasionally, they start searching about frequently asked questions about consolidated moves. However, some information can only be provided by the company.  It is necessary to consider all of the options the firm provides to choose which company best meets your needs.

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