Expat guide to British Columbia

    Moving to another country is never easy. Leaving your country is very overwhelming physically and emotionally. On top of that, choosing which city to move to in a new country you don’t know well can be even more challenging. Luckily, a detailed expat guide to British Columbia can help you settle in easily after moving to Canada. Movers Canada offers are efficient and proficient, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. As for settling in British Columbia, we’ve got all the information you need for a good start. Living in Canada has so many perks, we’re sure you’ll fit right in!

    Expat guide to British Columbia – here’s everything you need to know

    British Columbia is one of the most popular Canadian provinces, especially among expats. However, if you’re planning on moving here with long distance movers Canada offers, you should know that this is also one of the most expensive provinces. The cost of living in British Columbia is on the higher end, with the monthly average rent around $1780. Vancouver is, expectedly, one of the most expensive cities in the province. The average rent in Vancouver is $1869, even higher than the Toronto average of $1708. However, with the high cost of living aside, British Columbia has plenty to offer. From breathtaking scenery to plenty of employment opportunities, you will enjoy living here.

    What are the first steps you need to take care of after moving to Canada?

    If you’re just organizing your relocation to Canada, you know how much time and effort goes into that endeavor. Hiring movers and finding reliable car shipping companies Canada offers is just the tip of the iceberg. But, once you’re done with all the moving tasks you might start wondering about what to do after the move is finally over.

    one of the lakes in British Columbia

    Breathtaking views are the reason to move to British Columbia.

    These are the first steps you should take after moving to Canada:

    • apply for an address change
    • apply for a driver’s license
    • get a local phone number
    • apply for a Medical Care Plan

    Reasons to move to British Columbia

    Choosing to live in British Columbia after moving to Canada is one of the best decisions you can make. There are numerous reasons why this is one of the most popular provinces that people choose right after moving to Canada. Some of the main ones are:

    • the cultural diversity
    • options for outdoor activities
    • education quality
    • healthcare quality and accessibility
    • steady job market

    This is one of the most culturally diverse Canadian provinces

    Being one of the most popular provinces among immigrants, British Columbia is expectedly one of the most diverse parts of Canada. Because of that, you can expect to find a variety of foods and festivals that speak to numerous cultures here. In fact, around 27% of British Columbia’s population are expats. People here are generally very welcoming and friendly, so settling in with ease shouldn’t be an issue. And if you ever need help moving from one city to another, long distance movers BC offers are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet. Enjoy the vibrant and colorful makeup of British Columbia – the charm of this province is that everyone is welcome!

    You will have plenty of options for outdoor activities

    Canada is known for its breathtaking landscapes, but they are exceptionally beautiful in British Columbia. The views of the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains in this province are remarkable. If you’re considering moving from Edmonton to Vancouver, let the magnificent views be an additional pro. With such beautiful outdoors, you’ll be more inclined to spend time in the fresh air even if you weren’t too keen on it before.

    the nature is one of the best things on every expat guide to British Columbia

    Every expat guide to British Columbia will say that nature here is out of this world.

    Enjoy a variety of activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, biking, and jogging. During winter, you can enjoy winter sports such as snowboarding or ice climbing. The summers are especially exciting because you can enjoy sailing, snorkeling, or golfing.

    The education in British Columbia is top-notch

    Higher education in British Columbia is one of the main reasons why this province is so popular among international students. It has 11 public and 5 private universities. The University of British Columbia is ranked number 2 in the country, second only to the University of Toronto which ranks among the top educational facilities in the world. The second-best university in British Columbia is Simon Frazer University, which ranks as the 10th-best university in Canada. If you’re thinking about moving from Ottawa to Vancouver to pursue higher education, you won’t be disappointed by the world-class universities that British Columbia offers. There is also a number of excellent colleges in this province such as the well-known private art school, the Vancouver Film School, and the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

    Primary education in British Columbia is also fantastic, with numerous elementary and high schools your children can attend. You don’t have to worry about your kids’ education in British Columbia, since the Canadian educational system is well-known to be among the best in the world. The high quality of education in the country peaks in British Columbia, with some of the best-ranked schools being located in this particular province.

    Top-quality healthcare

    Just like education, Canadian healthcare is world-renowned for its quality and accessibility. The situation is no different in British Columbia. You will have access to state-of-the-art hospitals and some of the best medical professionals in the world. Just like in the rest of Canada, the province of British Columbia has a public-funded health system. Basic healthcare services are free for all legal Canadian citizens. Being able to have free basic medical care is a huge advantage. Because of that, the healthcare quality and accessibility are just one of the advantages of living in British Columbia.

    The job market is excellent

    One of the best things about living in British Columbia is the job market. This province has one of the strongest economies in the country, resulting in countless excellent employment opportunities for all job-seekers. The city of Vancouver is British Columbia’s business hub. Canada’s largest port is in Vancouver, handling over $200 million worth of cargo every day. That, among other things, makes Vancouver one of the cities with the most diverse economies in the entire country. If you were considering hiring movers Toronto to Vancouver and moving here for work, you’d be anything but disappointed.

    British Columbia is also a great place to seek employment in a variety of industries. Microsoft, Nokia, and Intel are just a few foreign technology companies that have headquarters in Vancouver. You can also pursue a successful career in biotechnology, software development, or alternative fuels, or find a job in one of the many mining or forestry companies,  for example.

    These are the best cities in British Columbia

    British Columbia is rich in great towns and cities suitable for everyone. If you love living in a big city even after moving to another province, moving from Montreal to Vancouver might be the right choice for you. Vancouver is the most populous city in the province and one of the largest in Canada. If you’re more of a small-town person, you will have endless options. British Columbia is packed full of adorable, prosperous towns. Some of the best cities in the province are Vancouver, Kelowna, Fort St. John, and Victoria.

    aerial view of Vancouver

    Vancouver is one of the best cities in British Columbia.


    Home to 662,248 people, Vancouver is the most populous city in British Columbia. Moreover, the Greater Vancouver Area has as many as 2.6 million residents. The people living in Vancouver are friendly, and there’s no fear of feeling unwelcome here. In fact, Vancouver has been ranked as one of the best cities in Canada for expats. The long distance moving companies Vancouver offers will make sure you have a smooth and efficient relocation, so you will fit right in. Also, the job market is one of the main reasons why people love living in Vancouver. Being one of the largest cities in Canada, it’s no wonder that employment opportunities abound in Vancouver. Some of the city’s biggest employers are SAP, Cara, Vancouver Coastal Health, and Seaspan Marine Corporation.

    However, Vancouver is also one of the most expensive cities in Canada. While you can expect amazing employment opportunities here, you should also be aware that living in this prosperous city doesn’t come cheap. On average, a family of 4 needs around $5,346 a month to live here, making Vancouver one of the top 3% of the most expensive cities in the country.


    Kelowna is another great option and one of the best cities on every expat guide to British Columbia. It has a population of 142,146, making it the 8th largest city in the province. The city of Kelowna is also an amazing place for all job seekers. Its job market has been ranked as #1 in Canada. You will have no trouble pursuing a successful career if you choose to move to Kelowna in British Columbia. The cost of living in this city is also on the higher end, but it’s more affordable than Vancouver. A family of 4 needs around $4,119 monthly for rent, utilities, groceries, and transport.

    a walking path by the lake in Kelowna

    Kelowna is one of the most beautiful cities in British Columbia.

    Here people work hard, but they also play hard. Kelowna is known for amazing entertainment options, as well as fantastic indoor and outdoor activities year-round. Whether you want to stroll around the city visiting art galleries, or you’re into a more active lifestyle and enjoy spending your free time skiing, hiking, or mountain biking, Kelowna will deliver.  This region is also known for its world-class wineries, so you can expect to taste some exquisite wine in Kelowna.

    Fort St. John

    If you don’t like populous cities and enjoy a more peaceful vibe, then Fort St. John is the right place for you. With a population of just under 22,000, life in this city is nice and quiet. However small this city may seem, its economy is one of the strongest in British Columbia. The employment options in Fort St John are excellent making this city one of the richest and most prosperous places in Canada. The median income in Fort St. John is over $100,000. Because of that, the standard of living in this city is very high and the residents are extremely pleased with their quality of life.


    Victoria is another one of the best cities in British Columbia for many reasons. With a population of 91,867, the capital of the province of British Columbia is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. Because of its outstanding beauty, Victoria is also known as Garden City. What makes it special is the deep channel diving this island into two landmasses. This offers plenty of opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities such as diving and snorkeling, for example. The employment possibilities in Victoria are also another reason why young professionals worldwide are flocking to the city.

    Victoria is one of the best cities on every expat guide to British Columbia

    Every expat guide to British Columbia will recommend Victoria as one of the best cities in the province.

    And on top of that, Victoria has one of the best climates in the whole country. While some parts of Canada are notorious for their cruel winters, you won’t have that problem living in Victoria. The city has a sub- Meditteranean climate, with short and mild winters rarely going below zero.

    Living in Victoria is also pricey, as expected. A family of 4 needs $4,906 monthly on average for rent, utilities, groceries, and transport.

    Moving to British Columbia is a decision you won’t regret

    British Columbia is a province rich in diverse cultures, offering breathtaking landscapes and an enviable job market. If you’ve decided to move here and you just need a handy expat guide to British Columbia to get to know the province better, you won’t be disappointed. This beautiful and prosperous Candian province has plenty to offer. And the best part is, the residents are so friendly that there’s no way you won’t immediately feel welcome. Settling in one of the best cities in British Columbia won’t be hard. Just prepare for the higher-than-average cost of living!


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