Essential long distance moving tips

    Moving is an activity that requires a lot of preparation. Without that, we can only expect stress, anxiety, and a big money loss. In this article, we will help you learn how to prepare for everything. It can be quite easy if you follow these essential long distance moving tips. The most important step in the whole process, especially long distance relocation is to find and hire reputable movers! You need to be careful when choosing one. Rogue movers are something you want to avoid. One of the perfect examples of a high-quality mover with a good reputation is Centennial Moving Canada. They are a perfect example of movers who will help you relocate safely and without stress. Continue reading to find out what are the most important things you should think of in order to prepare for the move.

    A moving plan

    A moving plan is necessary when it comes to essential long distance moving tips. There is a ton of things to consider when relocating. That is why a good plan is necessary. A plan must contain a well-organized group of activities that must be done to move stress-free and fast. Activities like packing your stuff, essential bag packing, list of potential movers, activities like transfer of school records for kids, transfer of utilities, hiring potential helpers, moving supplies, and a lot of other things. Sort them all and decide what needs to be done right away, what later, and what activities at the end. You can always ask long distance movers Ontario for help in making your plan for moving if you need movers in that area of Canada.

    two people making a list of essential long distance moving tips

    Make a list of things to do

    Make an inventory list of things as one of the essential long distance moving tips

    You must be aware of the fact that you won’t be able to bring everything you own to your new home. Why is that? Well, there are a couple of reasons:

    • Your space is not that big for all your stuff
    • Moving costs more when you have more stuff
    • A lot of things that people keep are junk that we don’t need anymore
    • We can earn money on old stuff
    • With donations we will feel better

    Things that you see that don’t have any value to you or you don’t use anymore throw them away. Don’t raise your expenses on moving if you don’t have to. Things can be donated, sold, or thrown away. Again, you may use the help of movers. In the Ottawa region, you can hire long distance movers Ottawa to help you out with the relocation.

    Decide what to keep and bring with you

    When you make an inventory of your stuff and see what is junk and what is not, think twice about the things you want to bring with you. There is always an option of renting a  storage unit if your stuff can’t fit in your new home. But renting costs money. You can earn money for old things like gramophone records and old vintage furniture. Collectors around the globe want unique stuff to own. This can be your advantage. Imagine how much a record from 60’s worth to some collector. Why not earn money?

    People sorting and throwing unnecessary stuff away

    Sort things and throw what you don’t need

    Move off-season

    This is important when it comes to moving. Long distance moving can be harder if you don’t choose your date correctly. Let’s talk about seasons and days of the week.


    Part of the year when usually everyone has a break from work and school. The weather is usually good. But everyone uses summer for moving because of this. That means that you need to book your mover early if you want summer. Prices will be higher also.


    People rarely use vacations in spring. And the kids are going to school. But you can consider moving on weekends when you and the kids are free. This is a perfect time of the year for moving, but people don’t use it because they don’t have time.


    Same as spring, it is a good time for moving but with one big flaw. Kids are starting school at end of the summer and the beginning of autumn. It is not wise to interrupt their class and change school at the beginning of the school year.


    Part of the year people hate to move because of the cold weather and snow. But, the prices are lower, it is easier to find a reputable mover when you need one, and kids have a break from school in winter. Moving off-season is one of the essential long distance moving tips that you need to know.

    Moving quotes

    Quotes are really important because it is easy to discover who is a reputable mover and you will know upfront how much is something going to cost. This is one of the most important essential long distance moving tips. Always request a moving quote from long distance movers Canada! Types of moving quotes:

    • Nonbinding estimate – This estimate will change if the weight of your stuff is bigger than the predicted weight
    • Binding estimate – A fixed cost estimate based on the approximate weight of the customer’s belongings
    • Binding not to Exceed estimate – If the weight of a customer’s shipment exceeds the original estimate movers won’t charge extra for that. If the weight is lower, customers pay only for the actual weight. This is the best option for customers.

    Packing and labeling boxes

    Packing is not a fun activity for most people. It requires our focus, energy, time, and patience. When you sort things out, you need to pack them. Movers offer services like packing and it will save a lot of time. You still need to be involved but the heavy lifting, wrapping, and packing are done by movers. Most of the long distance movers BC provide packing services and you should hire one if you don’t have time to pack on your own.

    Labeling boxes is also important when it comes to moving. If you don’t label everything, a huge problem is going to happen. Unpacking is going to be a complete disaster! And it will take a lot of time. Buy and use markers. Write on the boxes. You can use stickers on the places where you can’t write directly.

    Woman and a child packing, labeling, and following one of the essential long distance moving tips

    Include your whole family in packing when relocating

    Moving supplies and their importance

    Packing is not just putting things in boxes and carrying that boxes to another location. Packing requires securing your items with necessary packing supplies. Moving supplies are essential when it comes to packing. We are going to give you examples of good essential long distance moving tips that not all people are going to tell you. Moving supplies can be found for free. For example, cardboard boxes can be found for free in electronic stores. They throw them away after they unpack TV or some other thing. Packing foam and bubble wraps are also things that people throw away and you can ask people to borrow them or give them to you. What to use as moving supplies:

    • Moving boxes of all sizes (small, medium, large)
    • Wardrobe boxes
    • Packing tape
    • Tape gun
    • Multi-color permanent markers
    • Packing paper
    • Mover’s stretch wrap
    • Bubble wrap
    A bubble wrap on the sofa

    Bubble wrap is one of the most used packing materials

    How to find reputable movers?

    One of the most precious essential long distance moving tips is to hire movers! That is a fact and there are a lot of reasons for that. But, you need to find one that will suit all your needs. How to find them? We mentioned moving quotes earlier. Moving quotes can tell you a lot about movers. If the prices are too low or too high compared to the others, that is a possible red flag! Another good piece of advice to find good movers is to read reviews online about movers. Satisfied customers will leave their reviews about movers. And we will discuss later why you should do that after you finish the relocation. Pay attention to details like uniforms, labeled trucks, constant change of address, and their way of talking with you. All that can lead you to reputable movers! And you would want to have one of the best long distance moving companies Vancouver residents recommend by your side when getting ready for the relocation.

    How to get better service from movers?

    You should tip movers because you will get better service and a happier mover! This is another essential long distance moving tip suggestion. You are not obligated to pay anything more than what is agreed in a moving quote or a contract. But, it is a smart move! A little tip will make employees of the company do everything much better, faster and they may be going to help you with everything you are asking from them. They will see things differently and they will help you with everything you are asking from them. You can ask them for advice after relocation so you can blend in faster.

    Leave a positive review after relocation

    If you are satisfied with the service the movers are providing, you should leave a positive review. This is a good way to help other people looking for movers online find the right one. And in the same time, it helps movers distinguish from other competitors and rogue movers. You should always consider writing a positive review only if you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied, what is the point of that? You can visit plenty of websites and read how positive people write about long distance moving companies Winnipeg. They are all nice examples of good movers! Some sites are independent of movers where you can leave your review and nobody can change what you write.

    Man leaving a positive review online

    Write a review when you finish relocating

    Check everything once you arrive

    It is easy to lose things or forget something when you pack. That is why making a list, sorting stuff, packing, and labeling are important activities when you are relocating. If you don’t follow the order of things you will end up forgetting something. And you want to avoid that of course. When you arrive at desired location check and recheck everything. All the stuff! Go through your inventory list and see if anything is missing. This can be hard and exhausting, but if you did everything correctly you won’t have a problem. If you forget something maybe you will need to leave it behind a buy new stuff that is missing. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new one than to organize the transfer of things that are missing.

    Benefits when professionals are doing a good job

    Professionals know how to do everything. People don’t move every day and for sure they are not experts in this matter. One of the biggest benefits and essential long distance moving tips is that you move without stress with movers! They know what they are doing and be sure they will do everything much faster than you! Why bother with all the unnecessary stuff and stress when you can simply hire someone else to do it for you? Be sure to schedule on time. Additionally, if you get in touch with a few reliable long distance movers Halifax has on offer, they will answer all of your moving-wise questions in the shortest period of time! And only good, reliable, and trustworthy moving companies can do that!

    Movers carrying boxes

    Hire movers when moving!

    Organize a welcome party after relocation

    When it comes to making new friends and making time for yourself and making your life better, a welcome party is not a bad idea at all. Organizing a welcome party will raise the level of dopamine and serotonin in your body and you will feel much happier. It will be a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy life in your new home. Party doesn’t have to be very big. You can make a theme party, or call a DJ or a cocktail expert. Don’t forget to relax in life.

    The importance of following these essential long distance moving tips

    When you want to move long distances it is important to follow rules. If you don’t know what to do you can easily lose a lot of money, lose stuff, and end up with accumulated stress and that will affect your whole family. Be smart and proactive! Get in touch with reliable movers such as Centennial Moving Canada and learn more about the moving process and how to prepare for one!


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