Dos and don'ts for DIY move across Canada

    Oftentimes, moving can be incredibly stressful. Sometimes, it can even turn into a total nightmare. Due to all those tasks you have to fulfill, it is often a complicated project. However, there are ways to organize your relocation across Canada without too many problems. Even more, you can be super excited and enjoy a project called moving. One of the ways is to hire the best cross Canada movers. That way, you can rest assure you are covered. However, there are also many tips and tricks to organize your DIY move across Canada. Read on and find out all the important dos and don’ts.

    What to do to organize a successful DIY move across Canada?

    As we already mentioned, organizing a relocation can be quite challenging. Even more so if you have to conduct long distance moving. But fear not, as we can help you prepare by getting to know the does for your DIY move in Canada.

    Compare movers before your move across Canada

    Sometimes, even if you want to conduct a DIY relocation, we advise you to think again. Because hiring relocation services Canada can make your experience easier and smoother. So, after you decide to get moving help, we advise you to compare movers. Because even though there are numerous trustworthy movers out there, be careful. There are also many fraudulent movers across Canada. Therefore, you can look for moving reviews online and use other people’s experiences to choose.

    Create a moving checklist

    When it comes to organizing a DIY move, we advise you to create a moving checklist. Your moving checklist should be a universal one. It should contain everything you need to do to stay on track. Also, you can create all sorts of checklists. For instance, you can create a list to summarize all the items you have in one moving box. Options are numerous, you just have to pick the approach that suits your DIY relocation across Canada.

    Person writing a checklist for DIY move across Canada

    Make sure you write down your checklist and make your DIY move across Canada easier.

    Get all the measurements before your move across Canada

    When your relocation starts, there’s no time to look back. Therefore, you should measure everything more than once. Simply, you have to make sure you got all the right sizes and dimensions. Because if you don’t, you will find yourself in a problem. Especially if you are moving to Kelowna from Toronto. So, make sure you have the right size of your king-size bed. Or to double-check if the items you are moving fit through hallways and doorways.

    More dos for your relocation in Canada

    • Before you start your DIY move, check around for safety hazards. Those can be tree branches, low walls, gates, and poles.
    • Get help for your relocation and delegate jobs. If you are moving with your family across Canada, make sure everyone has a role.
    • It is mandatory that you wear proper footwear on your moving day. So, we advise you to wear good strong boots to protect your feet and prevent slipping. Also, don’t forget about working gloves to protect your hand and provide a better grip.
    • Be careful and take your time when organizing a DIY move across Canada. If you are in haste, accidents and injuries are much more likely to happen. Especially if you are moving large and bulky items such as furniture.
    Working noots with shoelaces

    One of the dos is to wear proper and top-quality working boots.

    Moving don’ts for a DIY move through Canada

    As there are dos for every relocation, there are also don’ts, especially if you are moving by yourself.

    One of the main don’ts- do not wait until the last minute

    When it comes to relocation, the earlier you start planning, the smoother it’ll go. So, start on time with planning and preparing. Because there are so many things you can do before the moving day comes. That’s why you should start two months prior and ensure you don’t get overwhelmed with your moving tasks. So, start early and you will be prepared and stress-free when your move across Canada starts.

    Do not pay for moving supplies

    If you are organizing a DIY move, you are going to need a lot of moving supplies. However, we advise you against buying them. Why spending money on moving supplies when you can get them for free? So, look for moving boxes at stores, bars, and restaurants. Besides moving boxes, you are going to need other packing supplies. And the good news is that you can use the ones you already have. So, use towels, tees, towels, and blankets to conduct your DIY relocation.

    Don’t forget to clean out your items and declutter

    As you know, the more stuff you move, the more you will have to pay. So, you shouldn’t move everything you own. Especially if you plan on conducting a DIY move. So, this is a perfect opportunity to sell or donate the items you no longer need.

    More don’ts for moving across Canada

    • Avoid signing any paperwork if you don’t understand. You surely know that signing a moving contract is binding. So, you should take the time you need to read things over. If there are any problems or questions, ask your movers about them before you sign anything.
    • Don’t move during challenging weather. So, avoid moving in the middle of summer, when the temperature is extremely high. Moving during summer can leave you dehydrated and exhausted. Also, don’t move during bad weather either. Simply, it’s way much harder to handle everything when there’s snow or a blizzard.
    A pen and an agree checkbox

    Do not sign a moving contract before you understand and agree on everything.

    Are you ready for a DIY move across Canada?

    Now that you have read all the important dos and dont’s for your DIY move across Canada, you can relax. You are now prepared and ready to conduct this challenging task. However, don’t forget that you cannot do it all on your own. So, invite your friends and family member to join you and make their contribution to your new life chapter. We wish you all the best and successful relocation.

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