Complete guide on tipping movers

    Preparing properly for your upcoming move is one of the most important things you can do. One part of this process is to decide how to tip your movers. Do not worry, even if you are not sure whether you will do this part right, we are going to provide you with some useful pointers. Read this guide on tipping movers and you will surely not make a mistake.

    The basics of tipping movers

    Giving a tip to your movers is not obligatory. However, you should take into consideration that they did a good job after all and that they have put a lot of effort into it. This is especially the case if you have some valuable and/or large items. There are several ways in which you can show your gratitude. For example, you can tip them by a percentage or the total move, a flat rate, or you can also offer something they find valuable. One of the finest moving companies Canada offers is going to provide you with premium moving services and you will be more than satisfied with the final result.

    What percentage will be enough?

    There surely are some standards when tipping movers is in question. To be more precise, anything between 5% and 10% is a standard percentage. However, if there are other instances you should take into consideration, the final amount may change. For example, if your relocation requires some additional services, it is advisable that you reward your movers.

    money on the table

    There are certain things you should think about when you are deciding how to tip your movers

    Whether you have relocated long-distance or you have some fragile items they should transport, it is an additional effort. So, feel free to add Canadian moving services to your contract and avoid unnecessary complications. Your movers will probably complete the tasks successfully, which is the reason to give them a higher tip.

    How about flat-rate tipping?

    For a short-distance relocation, $20 is a standard flat fee per mover. So, if your moving day lasts only one day, this amount is going to be enough. Naturally, you can be more generous if you feel like it. What is important is that your movers do a good job and you can make an estimate on how much to tip them.

    What to take into consideration when it comes to tips?

    Of course, even if you follow our guide on tipping movers, there are many other factors that affect the tips. This is why you should wait until the move is over to decide the precise amount for tips.

    How complex was your relocation?

    For example, you should think about how complex your relocation was. In case your movers had to carry some heavy furniture and there were a lot of stairs or narrow hallways, and they still managed to complete the task successfully, this should be rewarded. Also, you should think about whether they have done their job with no delay. If this was the case, they are true professionals.

    What was the weather like?

    If it happens that the weather was not good and they got to transport your belongings with no damage, you should definitely give them a bigger tip. In case you hire some of the best cross Canada movers, you can be sure that your moving process is going to be smooth.

    Did your move require special services?

    You may have added some moving services to your contract. You are going to pay for them, but you should also think about this part when tipping movers. If they have put additional effort into helping you relocate and they have relocated your items with no damage, you should think about giving them a bigger tip.

    You might want to consider tipping movers based on the distance of the move

    It is certainly not the same when you are relocating locally and when you are relocating long-distance. For example, if you are relocating locally, feel free to tip each mover $20. However, if it happens that you are relocating long-distance, it is advisable that you give them higher tips.

    Mover leaning on a moving van

    The tips are not the same when you are relocating locally and when you are relocating long-distance

    In case your relocation takes more than one day, the industry standard is to tip $50 per mover per day. You can be sure that some of the finest long distance movers Canada has to offer are going to do a great job. This means that you will have more than one reason to tip them.

    Let your movers know about the tips

    If you have decided to tip your movers, the next thing you should know is that you should inform them about that. They may not be expecting a tip, but this is certainly going to be a nice surprise. In addition to this, a tip usually motivates movers to deliver more exceptional moving services. When the time comes for you to hand out tips, it is advisable that you do that individually. You will have a chance to thank each team member for their services.

    There are other ways to show your gratitude

    Giving tips is not the only option you have. If it happens that you are relocating on a budget, you will probably not have enough money for tips. Instead, you can compliment their work. This will mean a lot to them, that is for sure. Also, you can prepare some snacks and drinks for your movers.

    Two women carrying boxes and talking about guide on tipping movers

    A guide on tipping movers says that there are other things you can do instead of giving your movers tips

    They will not have to think about this part during your relocation. Another option you have is to let them take some items of yours you no longer need. As you can see, there is nothing to worry about if money is sort of a problem.

    When should you not tip your movers?

    Do not feel obligated to tip your movers if they did not do a good job. If your movers are hours late and do not let you know why they are late, this is certainly not something you should feel grateful for. In addition to this, if they do not treat your belongings with care and respect, they do not deserve a tip. Of course, accidents happen and if they broke a glass, for example, but it was not on purpose, it is different. So, take some time to think about all of the details and you will make a good decision.

    Now that you know which factors to think about, it will be much easier for you to decide how to tip your movers. All in all, if they do the job properly, you should at least compliment them for their work. They will know that you are satisfied with their services. The experience of working with a satisfied client is sometimes better than with an ungrateful person who gives large tips. We hope that you’ve found on guide on tipping movers useful and that you now have a better idea of how to reward your movers accordingly.


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