Comparing long distance moving companies in Canada

    Choosing the most reliable moving company is the first thing you have to do when you are preparing for the relocation. Especially if you are about to experience a long-distance move. That is why you need to pay attention to some details about certain moving companies. If you have ever wondered how to choose the best one, you can start by comparing long distance moving companies in Canada. Once you are able to determine which company suits you the most and what kind of services are you in need of, you will be to hire the best possible help. By comparing moving companies you will be able to see the pros and cons of the certain company you are interested in. And choosing one of the best moving companies such as Centennial Moving, you will have a smooth and easy long-distance relocation.

    How to avoid fraudulent moving companies?

    If you have noticed, there are so many fraudulent companies these days. And people who do not pay attention get scammed. So in order to avoid getting scammed, there are just some certain things you should not do or accept.

    1. Do not sign any blank pages. This is a red flag. Signing some papers that can be written on later is a mistake. You can be scammed easily. And you will not be able to say anything because there will be your signature.
    2. Avoid paying everything in advance. If you have been asked to pay everything in advance it is a usual sign that this is a fraud. There is no reliable company in Canada that will ask for all of your money before relocating you. There must be some things you will have to pay for in advance, but not the whole service.
    3. Have documentation of everything. This will be really important if something goes wrong or if the company tries to scam you.
    4. Ask around about the moving company you are interested in. If you are about to experience long distance moving that means you will be preparing for the relocation for quite some time and you need to know that all of your items and things will be safe and transported without any damage. Learning from other people’s experiences will be the best solution for avoiding moving scams and fraudulent companies.
    man comparing long distance moving companies in Canada

    Before hiring, check if the company is fraudulent or not

    Comparing long distance moving companies in Canada

    When it comes to choosing the right company for your relocation you need to determine your priorities. One of the things to look for is what kind of services are you willing to have. This is really important because it will not only helo you choose but you will also see how much money will this long-distance moving cost you. That is why you need to make a list of things that you are in need of. And based on the fact that more and more people struggle with defining which services they need, we have created a list of services that might help you find what you have been searching for.

    • Packing services.
    • Moving and packing special items.
    • Moving and packing furniture.
    • Are you in need of vehicle transport?
    • Is a reliable company available in your city? For example, are you able to find a reliable company for moving from Saskatchewan to Ontario?
    • Can you pay online?
    • Storage.

    These are just some of the information you need to get from the chosen moving company. Not to mention to check if the company is real and reliable. If the company is not reliable, it does not matter if it has all of these listed above. So checking the reputation of the company is the number one thing to do.

    How to check if the company is reliable?

    Checking if the company is reputable means that you have to do some research. Some of the moving companies in Canada do not have a good reputation and it is really easy to check it. By comparing long distance moving companies in Canada you need to check each and everyone’s reviews and references. This will give you a vivid picture of which companies you want to exclude. If the wanted moving company does not have some exceptional references, it is most likely that the company is not as good as you thought so. read the references and the reviews. If the company is reputable it will have tons of great references written by dozen different people.

    Again, if you are not sure whether the company is good based on the reference, you can start comparing long distance moving companies in Canada by two things: does the required company has a license, and will it give you some kind of insurance. Having a license means that the company is reliable and it is in a business for a long time for a reason. And when you ask for insurance, it will benefit you. Having insurance that your items will be relocated without any damage by movers London ON can give you the peace you have been looking for. Not thinking of your items being safe during the long-distance relocation is priceless. So check these three simple things. If the moving company has them all, you are good to go and search for the services you are interested in.

    Comparing packing services among long distance moving companies in Canada

    When it comes to checking the services which wanted moving company has means that you have already determined what items you are relocating. By comparing moving company’s services, you will be able to determine which packing services suit you the most. You should check if the wanted company has packing services that include packing special-shaped items and bulky furniture. However, if the company does not have this type of service, you can always check and call for advice on how to pack. Most of the reliable companies actually do not have a packing service that includes packing weirdly shaped objects. By doing research, write on the paper if you have any strange or special items that need to be relocated. If the chosen company can offer you packing and transporting these items too, you are on a good way to find the best help possible.

    people carrying boxes

    Ask if the company has a packing service.

    Vehicle transport

    Moving long-distance means that you must pack and prepare for the move almost everything you have in your current home. This is also the case with your car. Some moving companies can offer you transportation of your car. This way you do not have to think about how much money you will have to spend on gas or will you be able to drive far away to your new place. By comparing long distance moving companies in Canada you will see that even the most reliable moving companies do not have this offer. So, if the company has vehicle transportation, it is a huge plus for the chosen company.

    Paying online really helps

    When you are moving from one part of Canada to another it might be difficult to find a company in your area. Although one of the best companies can provide you with city-to-city relocation, you need to make a payment in the main office. What happens if the main office is just too far away from your current home and you have to make a payment? Comparing long distance moving companies in Canada we have realized that the ones who have the option for paying online are the most wanted ones. This option will be helpful. Once you see that you can really prepare for the relocation sitting in your living room, you will recommend the certain company to everyone.

    woman looking at a phone

    Check if the company can offer you pay online.

    Search for the storage solutions when comparing long distance moving companies in Canada

    Having rented storage during the relocation is something you should definitely think of. By renting some of the best storage facilities Canada has you will be able to store all of your valuables and belongings you are too afraid to relocate along with you. They will be safe in the climate-controlled facility under video surveillance and security. And, if you feel tired after the relocation and you do not want to deal with unpacking or you just want to relax, your valuables can stay in storage as long as you like. But, having storage for keeping your valuables safe during the relocation is not the only benefit. You can even place items that you are not ready to though away but you do not have enough space in your new home for them.

    fire alarm on the wall

    When comparing long distace moving companies in Canada, check if they have the option to rent storage.

    What to search for when renting storage?

    People are renting storage because they want some kind of help during the long-distance relocation. So, if you have decided on renting one, pay attention to the details. By comparing long distance moving companies in Canada we have noticed that a lot of reliable and good companies do not offer you renting storage services. That is why when you are looking for a company and comparing them, make sure that this service is included. When you look for storage make sure it has:

    1. Alarms, such as fire, smoke, and theft alarms,
    2. Video surveillance,
    3. 24/7 security,
    4. climate-controlled room and
    5. option to expand the renting period.

    The last one of the list will really be helpful, especially when you have not decided on where to put your stored items in the house.

    City-to-city relocation

    If you have decided where you want to move, check out if the company has an option for moving to that certain place. If you have compared the companies and you have realized that there are more than just one that you like, check if they have services for moving from your current place to the chosen one. For example, a lot of companies cannot offer you the service of moving from Ottawa to Toronto, because of the distance of the relocation. That is why checking if the company has this kind of moving service is important.

    red car on the road

    See if the company can offer a car transportation service

    It is important to contact the company when comparing long distance moving companies in Canada

    If you have done all of the research possible about the wanted company but you are still not sure about something that this company is offering, do not hesitate to contact the company. It is always better to ask the person if you have anything that you are interested in or you do not understand. When you contact Centennial Moving you will be able to get eery information that you are interested in. The reliable moving company has a lot of experience with long-distance relocation and that is why you should look for additional information or advice from them.

    Do not stress

    Moving long-distance can be really stressful. That is why you need to have everything planned in advance. You need to start packing earlier and have a plan that you and the whole family will follow. But if somehow the stress finds its way to you, make sure you understand where it comes from. It is hard to leave everything you know and move to a different part of Canada. You need to know that whatever you are feeling is completely alright. It is okay to feel blue and lonely and everyone around you should understand how hard it can get. Throw a goodbye party and spend the best time with everyone you love in your neighborhood.

    group of people taking photo

    Throw a goodbye party and spend a night with your friends before the move.

    By reading this article you have realized that there is a lot to be done before finding reliable help. Making sure that you have chosen the right company must be your priority. With the right help, your long-distance relocation does not have to be so stressful and hard. Compare the services the companies are offering you. It will be helpful while choosing the most adequate one. We wish you a stroke of good luck and smooth relocation with the most reliable moving company in Canada.


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