Canadian cities people from Calgary move to

    More and more Calgarians have been moving to other Canadian cities in recent years and there are a lot of reasons for this. Some people are searching for new career opportunities, and the desire to change lifestyles, and some have moved due to family-related reasons. Hence, we have decided to explore the destinations that are increasingly becoming popular among those leaving Calgary. Finally, for everyone who makes this decision, services from Centennial Moving Canada are there to facilitate the relocation process and make it smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. If you are looking to change your home location, learn more about economic opportunities and lifestyle benefits in other Canadian cities and at the same time discover top Canadian cities people from Calgary move to.

    Why people are moving from Calgary?

    The decision to relocate from Calgary often arises due to various reasons. Some people move because they want better job prospects or more affordable living conditions they can find in other Canadian cities. With the job market always changing and the economic landscape evolving, many people may feel compelled to explore regions with better growth prospects. Furthermore, lifestyle changes are also a significant driving force for people seeking a change. Some may desire a different cultural atmosphere, milder climates, or a city with a more relaxed pace of life. So, all these can be viable reasons why people are moving from Calgary!

    Calgary cityscape.

    Although Calgary is a very interesting city, some people still decide to leave it.

    Families frequently relocate because of their desire to live nearer to extended family members or because of educational opportunities for their children. While every person’s path to both career and personal success is different, they all aspire to a better fit in their lives. If you decide to move, you will need to find trustworthy long distance movers Calgary locals typically work with to conduct your relocation successfully.

    The best Canadian cities people from Calgary move to

    The following Canadian cities people from Calgary move to are diverse, and satisfying and provide various options for people’s lives, work, and other necessities. Each of them is unique and offers new opportunities, attractions, and strengths Calgarians find appealing. If you are searching for a new place to live, consider these:

    • Charlottetown
    • Moncton
    • Toronto
    • Ottawa
    • Vancouver
    • Surrey

    So, are you ready to discover Canadian cities of which one could be your new home?


    People relocating from Calgary find Charlottetown’s picturesque scenery and quaint ambiance increasingly alluring. This city, which is well-known for its old architecture, provides a peaceful diversion from the hectic pace of other towns. Its decreasing cost of living is a major draw for many, which contributes to its rising popularity. In Charlottetown, the average cost of living is significantly lower than in Calgary, about $1,624 monthly, which is one of the great benefits.

    Lighthouse in Charlottetown

    Charlottetown, better known as Prince Edward Island, is rich in landscapes, nature, and places that will amaze you.

    The city, which has a population of roughly 36,094, is particularly attractive because it promotes a feeling of a tight-knit community. But it’s not without its challenges. Although there are jobs available, the job market is not as varied as it is in larger cities, especially in the tourism and service industries. Finally, Charlottetown is a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking for a change because it offers affordable housing, a slower way of life, and breathtaking scenery. Luckily, once you choose the Canadian moving services perfect for you, you can relax and enjoy your relocation to Charlottetown while eagerly anticipating all the new opportunities you can use here.


    Moncton in New Brunswick is one of the top Canadian cities people from Calgary move to. It offers a dynamic job market to its newcomers and a chance to live in a unique and welcoming bilingual community. To its 85,198 residents, Moncton offers a mix of English and French cultures, enriching their everyday life. The housing here is affordable, which is a big plus compared to Calgary. If you want to pursue a career in the tech or healthcare sector, you will find numerous opportunities here. Also, a lower cost of living here, makes Moncton a smart financial choice for everyone.

    If you decide to live in Moncton, you will be able to enjoy different cultural festivals and beautiful nature. For example, the famous Moncton tidal bore in the Bay of Fundy will take your breath away. The combination of urban amenities and a friendly community vibe this city provides makes moving from Calgary to Moncton NB an attractive life decision worth considering.


    Toronto, Ontario, is also a popular choice among the Canadian cities people from Calgary move to. It offers a great variety of experiences and lifestyles to both its residents and newcomers. Numerous and varied employment options are available here, with thriving industries from finance to tech. The city is also famous for its excellent educational institutions that attract students and professionals alike.

    If you are considering moving from Calgary to Toronto, know that this city comes with an urban lifestyle, full of energy and opportunities. However, living costs are higher, which is surely something to consider before making the move. Toronto’s lively neighborhoods, rich cultural scene, and ample career opportunities make it a magnet for those seeking growth and diversity. It’s a city where ambition meets diversity, creating a unique environment for new residents to thrive and explore.

    Toronto in the evening.

    Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, and it can be a very good choice for Calgary people.


    Ottawa, Canada’s capital, has a unique charm and character that attracts many Calgarians. The city is known for its stable government and growing tech sector, which provide a promising high quality of life. Also, the city’s cultural diversity makes it even more appealing. Here, you can attend various festivals and explore different multicultural neighborhoods until you find the one perfect for you.

    Ottawa is a perfect city for those who are looking for a balanced lifestyle. The city’s commitment to public services and community development makes it a great place for both families and professionals. All in all, if you think that moving from Calgary to Ottawa is an intelligent decision, you are right! In Ottawa, you will discover lots of professional opportunities, cultural richness, and a chance to live in a friendly and welcoming community.


    Vancouver is a city located in British Columbia. It appeals to many people, especially those moving from Calgary. Its natural beauty, mild climate, and many economic opportunities make it a top choice. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the Pacific Ocean, which provide amazing views and outdoor activities all year round. This natural beauty and successful economy, with thriving sectors in technology, film, and commerce, are more than enough to make you want to call Vancouver your home.

    However, people who are thinking of moving to Vancouver should first consider an important factor. Namely, the housing market in Vancouver is one of the most expensive in Canada. Buying a house here will be significantly more expensive than in Calgary. So, determine your budget to check whether a Vancouver home is something you can afford.

    Vancouver, Canada, as one of the Canadian cities people from Calgary move to.

    Vancouver is one of the most expensive places in Canada, so carefully consider your financial options.

    If it turns out the Vancouver lifestyle is what you want and can afford, you will enjoy a unique living experience. To help you go through this change completely stress and problem-free, Calgary to Vancouver movers will do all it takes to ensure a smooth relocation. They can help navigate the challenges of relocating, making the move less daunting. So, all in all, Vancouver offers a dynamic environment where you can experience both career growth and an unmatched quality of life.


    Surrey is another city located in British Columbia. It has been going through rapid growth and development lately, which makes it an attractive option for people who are looking to relocate from Calgary. One of the main factors that make Surrey appealing is the affordable housing it offers. Housing here is much less expensive than in nearby Vancouver. Surrey has a diverse community, which welcomes newcomers with open arms. Its proximity to Vancouver is also a significant advantage as it provides access to big-city amenities while maintaining a calm suburban feel.

    Life in Surrey is perfect for nature lovers as well. There are many parks and green spaces. They are excellent for various outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle. If you are moving with your family, Surrey may be the location you are looking for. You will all like the outstanding educational and recreational facilities the city offers. In the end, the affordability, diversity, and lifestyle blend in Surrey make Calgary to Surry relocation a very smart decision.

    How to choose the right place for you?

    Moving to a new place is a significant challenge. You need to do thorough research before you choose your new home address. Also, you should always keep in mind what you value most in a community. First, decide what type of environment you want to live in.

    A girl researching Canadian cities people from Calgary move to while lying on the floor surrounded with open suitcases.

    Know that choosing a new place to live requires a lot of planning, consideration, and research. So, make time for it and research Canadian cities people from Calgary move to!

    Do you prefer a bustling city or a quiet town? Consider the job market in the area, especially if you’re moving for a job. Also, look into the cost of living, including housing, groceries, and transportation. If you have children, check the quality of local schools. Don’t forget to think about the climate. Some people love the sun, while others prefer cooler temperatures. Finally, consider the cultural and recreational activities available in the area when choosing one of the best Canadian cities people from Calgary move to.

    How to prepare for your move?

    When it comes to preparing for a move, careful planning and organization are the most important. So, the first step is to create a detailed moving plan well in advance. It should include key dates, such as when to start packing and the moving day itself. Hiring reliable long distance movers in Canada is one of the crucial tasks. They can handle the heavy lifting and logistics and eventually make the process smoother. Decluttering your home and getting rid of items you no longer need is essential before you start packing. This will make packing easier and considerably reduce moving costs. When packing, label your boxes clearly and keep an inventory list to track your belongings. Organize important documents and valuables separately to ensure they are easily accessible. Remember to notify relevant parties, like your bank and utility providers, about your change of address.

    A mom and girl preparing for a move to one of the Canadian cities people from Calgary move to

    Preparation is one of the most important things when it comes to moving, as well as the assistance of professional movers.

    Save these useful tips, and ensure a stress-free move:

    • Start planning early.
    • Hire professional movers.
    • Declutter before packing.
    • Label boxes and keep an inventory.
    • Pack an essentials box for the first day.
    • Notify important contacts about your move.

    With these steps and tips, you can prepare effectively for your move, ensuring a more organized and stress-free experience.

    Choose one of these Canadian cities people from Calgary move to and enjoy your life!

    The top Canadian cities people from Calgary move to are Charlottetown, Moncton, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Surrey. Each of them offers a unique blend of culture, job prospects, and lifestyle that cater to different needs and preferences. It’s important to conduct thorough research, carefully organize your move, and consider hiring professional movers to assist you. Whether you’re looking for a bustling city life or a quieter environment, these destinations offer ample opportunities for growth and new experiences. Choose the perfect city for you and enjoy!

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