Calgary for pet-owners

    Welcome to our guide tailored for pet owners who call Calgary home or are considering moving. Calgary’s community is known for its friendly attitude towards animals, offering options for those with four-legged friends. Whether you’re seeking pet-friendly spaces, top-notch veterinary care, or social events where pets are the stars, Calgary has it all. For those planning a move to this pet-loving city, choosing a moving company like Centennial Moving can make the transition much smoother. As a city that understands the needs of pets and their owners, Calgary presents a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here, we’ll explore why Calgary is the perfect place for you and your furry companions to set down roots. Let’s see!

    Why is Calgary a good choice for pet-owners?

    Calgary stands out as an excellent choice for pet owners. This city embraces the presence of pets, ensuring that they’re a part of the urban fabric. With numerous dog parks offering wide-open spaces and special amenities like agility equipment, your canine companions can enjoy the great outdoors just as much as you do. Calgary boasts a robust network of trails and pathways, ideal for pet owners who enjoy outdoor activities with their furry companions. The city also demonstrates a dedication to pet health and wellness, hosting numerous veterinary clinics and pet stores to meet every pet care requirement. But, you can research what makes Calgary a perfect place for living.

    Calgary, city for pet-owners

    Calgary is one of the cities in Canada that is most suitable for pet-owners because of all the possibilities it offers.

    Furthermore, finding a place to live with your pet isn’t a hassle in Calgary. The housing market is replete with pet-friendly options, accommodating a range of preferences from cozy apartments to spacious houses. House prices in Calgary are about $629,800 according to last data And let’s not forget the social aspect. Pet owners in Calgary can easily connect through various events and clubs, fostering a sense of community and belonging. All these aspects confirm that Calgary is not just a good choice for pet owners — it’s a fantastic one.

    What are the best Calgary pet-friendly neighborhoods?

    If you’re moving from Toronto to Calgary with your pets, you’ll be happy to find places like Altadore and Auburn Bay. These areas have lots of parks and paths for walking, and the people living there love pets too. You’ll also find great places for your pet’s needs close by, like grooming or pet-sitting services. Calgary is made for pet owners, with lots of room on the sidewalks and places where dogs can play without a leash. Your pet will have lots of chances to play and make friends. This friendly way the city is set up for pets makes moving here with your animal buddies a great choice. In Calgary’s welcoming neighborhoods, you and your pets will find a great new home.

    Some of the best pet-friendly Calgary neighborhoods are:

    • Altadore – Known for its River Park, which is one of the largest off-leash areas in the city.
    • Auburn Bay – Offers a 43-acre freshwater lake and a dog-friendly beach.
    • Sunnyside – Close to the Bow River and several off-leash parks, it’s perfect for daily walks and runs.
    • Bridgeland – Features Tom Campbell’s Hill Natural Park, providing ample space for dogs to roam.
    • Crescent Heights – Has off-leash areas and stunning views, making walks enjoyable for both pets and owners.
    • Silverado – Boasts large green spaces and is close to the Spruce Meadows off-leash dog park.

    What are the best dog parks in Calgary?

    Calgary is a paradise for dog lovers, with an array of parks designed for your pets to play and roam freely. Some of the best parks are:

    • Sue Higgins Park. Famous for its dedicated off-leash areas and beautiful riverside trails.
    • Nose Hill Park. Offers an extensive network of paths across one of the largest urban parks in Canada, perfect for more adventurous pups.
    • River Park. With rolling hills and stunning city views, making every walk a delight.
    • Tom Campbell’s Hill. Another gem provides a natural escape within the city limits.
    • Connaught Park. A downtown haven for urban dogs, offering a quick nature fix amidst city life.
    • Edworthy Park. Presents a scenic escape with its riverside location and forested areas.
    Dog in Calgary, place for pet-owners

    There’s nothing better than freedom for your dogs, and Calgary gives you exactly that!

    Each of these parks caters to the joy of pets and their owners, truly embodying Calgary’s love for its furry residents.

    Many adventures await your pet here!

    Calgary for pet-owners is a haven with adventures under the open sky. You can start with a leisurely hike at Nose Hill Park, where open spaces invite exploration. Furthermore, pack a picnic and head to Fish Creek Provincial Park, a vast area that’s perfect for a day out with your pet. For those looking for more structured activities, several local companies offer pet-friendly outdoor excursions, ensuring your pet can join in on the fun. Whether it’s a stroll along the Bow River or an organized group hike, the opportunities for outdoor adventures with your pet in Calgary are boundless.

    Calgary has everything your pet needs!

    Starting from the home, the city offers a variety of pet-friendly housing options to suit every family size and budget. Many apartment complexes and condos now embrace pet ownership, providing amenities like dog washing stations and nearby parks. Landlords and property managers in neighborhoods like Beltline and Hillhurst understand the importance of pets to their tenants and often include pet-friendly policies. You also can research Calgary real estate trends in 2023.

    Calgary is home to outstanding veterinary care and pet services, ensuring your furry friends are always in good hands. Trusted veterinarians like Beddington Trail Animal Hospital offer comprehensive care, while McKnight 24-Hour Veterinary Hospital is there for any after-hours emergencies. Expert grooming is available at Shampooch, renowned for its gentle touch with pets of all sizes. For training, Dogma Behaviour & Education Centres stand out, offering classes for every level. Pet sitters such as Pawsitively Purrfect make trips away stress-free, knowing your pet is cared for. These local services embody the supportive and caring pet community in Calgary.

    Pet dining options

    Dining out with your pet is a treat, thanks to several pet-friendly restaurants and cafes. Sidewalk Citizen Bakery not only welcomes pets but also provides water bowls for a refreshing sip. Moreover, Vin Room Mission has a dedicated menu for dogs, so your companion can dine in style alongside you. Additionally, The Lazy Loaf & Kettle invites pets on its patio, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing brunch. For an afternoon delight, Annabelle’s Kitchen in Marda Loop offers a sunny patio where pets can lounge. These spots not only welcome your furry friends but also ensure they have as much fun as you do.

    Dog in restaurant

    Your dog is also welcome in Calgary restaurants!

    If you, for example, consider moving from Calgary to Moncton NB, you’ll be delighted to know that similar pet-friendly dining experiences await you in both cities, keeping the spirit of inclusive outings with your furry friends alive.

    Pet-friendly businesses in Calgary

    Calgary is a great choice for pet-owners. This city shines when it comes to welcoming pets into its business community. Notably, pet supply stores like Petland and Unleashed offer a vast array of products, from nutritious food to the latest toys. Also, unique boutiques such as Bon A-Pet-Treat! Pet Bakery creates special treats that make any pet feel celebrated. For pet owners planning a bigger adventure, like relocating, ask if long distance movers Calgary provide services that consider the needs of your furry family members. This inclusive approach by local businesses ensures that pet-friendly shopping is not just an option.

    Some of the best local stores are:

    • Pisces Pet Emporium – One of Calgary’s largest pet stores offering a wide range of pet supplies and live pets.
    • Tail Blazers – A health food store for pets that specializes in natural and holistic pet products.
    • Pet Planet – A chain of family-owned pet stores with a focus on healthy pet products and community engagement.
    • Unleashed – A local boutique-style pet store that offers a variety of high-quality pet foods and accessories.

    Pet-friendly festivals and events

    Calgary’s calendar brims with pet-friendly events that celebrate and support our four-legged companions. Year-round, pet expos like the Calgary Pet Expo showcase the latest pet care with live demonstrations and products. Also, adoption fairs frequently pop up across the city, providing opportunities to meet pets needing loving homes. The community spirit shines during charity walks such as the annual “Dog Jog,” where participants raise funds for animal shelters while enjoying a day out with their pets. These events not only offer fun and informative outings but also foster a sense of togetherness among Calgary’s pet owners. With such various events, there’s always a way to get involved and enjoy the city’s vibrant pet culture.

    Pet at festival in Calgary

    You, as well as your pet, these local events will provide a lot of fun to remember!

    Pet safety and regulations you should know

    Calgary offers an exemplary environment, combining urban amenities with pet-friendly policies. If you consider a move to this city, remember that cross Canada moving solutions can play a pivotal role in facilitating your relocation. These services provide essential support, ensuring that the transition for you and your pet is handled with care. Furthermore, their expertise in transporting pets across provinces is invaluable, offering peace of mind that your furry family members will arrive safely and comfortably at your new home. So, this level of attention to detail underscores Calgary’s reputation as a city that truly values its pet-owning residents, making it an excellent choice for you and your companions.

    Pet regulations

    Here are 5 rules you must follow if you want to live with a pet:

    1. Licensing: All dogs and cats over three months old must be licensed with The City of Calgary. Licenses must be renewed annually and the tag provided by the city should be on the pet’s collar at all times.
    2. Leash laws: When off their owner’s property, dogs must be on a leash no longer than two meters, unless in a designated off-leash area. Cats can roam free if they do not cause problems in the neighborhood.
    3. Noise control: Continuous barking or noise that disturbs the neighborhood’s peace can lead to complaints and potential fines.
    4. Poop and scoop: Pet owners must clean up after their pets on public or private property. Failure to do so can result in a fine.
    5. Number of pets: There’s a limit to the number of pets you can have in Calgary. Typically, a household can have up to three dogs and six cats.

    Moving with a pet to Calgary

    Moving to Calgary with a pet requires thoughtful preparation to overcome the challenges that long-distance relocation can present. First and foremost, ensure your pet’s identification tags and microchip information are updated with your new address. Before embarking on the move, familiarize yourself with Calgary’s pet regulations to avoid any legal issues upon arrival.

    Couple moving with a dog

    Calgary for pet-owners is a fantastic choice, but moving is a big challenge!

    Transportation is a crucial aspect of moving with pets. Choose a pet-friendly method of transport that will keep your furry friend safe and relatively stress-free. This could mean a comfortable carrier for the journey or selecting a service specialized in pet relocation. Regarding preparations, schedule a visit to the vet. Ensure all vaccinations are up to date and discuss potential anxiety remedies for travel. Secure a health certificate if required, and ask for a copy of your pet’s medical records to register with a new vet in Calgary. And know that overcoming the challenges of moving long distance with pets involves planning and patience.

    Enjoy with your pet in Calgary!

    Calgary presents a welcoming environment for pet owners with its myriad pet-friendly spaces and communities. By preparing adequately and embracing the pet-loving culture of the city, relocating here can be a positive experience for both owners and their pets. Embrace the adventure, and you’ll find that Calgary for pet-owners offers a warm and inclusive community for you and your furry family members to enjoy.

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