Best student cities in Canada to move to

    Getting a chance to explore Canada as a student is not possible for everyone. That is why if you are a student and you are able to choose whichever place in Canada for you to live and study you can feel blessed. But how do you choose the best one among so many great cities in Canada? We are well aware that this is the most common problem. That is why we have decided to write down and narrow the list of the best student cities in Canada to move to this year. And if you have already made your decision about your new location, do not hesitate to contact one of the best moving companies Canada has and get ready for the moving day.

    What to look for in a new city?

    When you are about to relocate as a student, there are some needs and things that you must be able to provide yourself with. Those are not just the best clubs, social life, and nightlife. Moving somewhere as a student means that you need to find the best college possible. If the college that you are interested in is in some part of Canada where there is not much nightlife, that should not be something you should focus on. However, we are all different. So are our needs. If you are capable of finding the place that suits you the most, a place where you can combine good studying and great social life, you should hire long distance movers Canada provides you with immediately. Based on some studies we have done, here you have the list of the best student cities in Canada.

    Students throwing their hats

    There are numerous best students cities in Canada to move to.

    List of the best students cities in Canada to move to

    As we have mentioned before, there are certain needs that every student has. For instance, it can be the desire to be as close to their parents as possible. The other example is that they do not really care about how good the college is as long the social life is on a high level. But no matter which is the reason for choosing some city, there are some places in Canada that are just suitable for everyone.


    Montreal is ranked to be the best university city in Canada. There are multiple reasons for this. But we can start with low tuition costs. This is one of the most important pieces of information everyone will look for. It is basically, the most common reason why a student chooses to move to someplace. The other reason why Montreal is number one when it comes o the best student cities in Canada to move to is that there is a really high percentage of graduates living here. This can only mean one thing. It will be much easier to find some job offers the moment you leave college. This will give you a chance to even plan your life a little further. So hire Canadian moving services and be one of the 51 percent of people who graduate here annually.

    Montreal is one of the best student cities in Canada to move to

    Research about every city you think of.

    Rouyn-Noranda is one of the best student cities in Canada to move to

    This place is located in the province of Quebec. The students choose this place because it is one of the least expensive places to study in the whole of Canada. Plus, add to this the fact that this place also has the largest graduate population. So, if you are willing to be part of a community where studying hard is something that is a normal and everyday routine, this place can be just the right for you. Think about the average cost of tuition which is around $2.630 and the fact that you come for your diploma using cross country movers Canada has.


    If you are moving from Ottawa to Toronto to attend some of the finest colleges you will be thrilled when you realize how great living and learning in Toronto is. This capital city of Ontario is the number one destination among students. The best thing about Toronto is that here the diversity is on a very high level. About 50 percent of the population belongs to minority communities. One of the most interesting facts about this best city for students is that people here speak over 150 languages! Some of the best colleges in Toronto are:

    • The University of Toronto,
    • TAIE International Institute,
    • Ryerson University and
    • York University.

    Whichever one of these places you choose, the annual costs are around CAD 25.000 per year.

    buildings in Toronto

    Toronto is maybe the favorite city for students.

    The next one on our list of the best student cities in Canada to move to is Vancouver

    This place is actually suitable not just for locals only. Here you can find some of the finest international universities. This is the biggest reason most students decide to live here. Some of those universities are The University of British Columbia, Columbia College, and Vancouver Island University. The languages most people hee speak are French and English. This is one of the reasons why it is so suitable for international students. It is cheaper than Toronto. Which will make it the perfect place for you to live there as a student. So, if Vancouver is a place for you, hire some of the best movers London ON has and get ready for the journey.


    It is voted to be in fifth place when ranking cities to study in Canada. There are so many things this place can offer. From many outdoor activities to numerous festivals, cultural events, etc. The crime rate is very low which will be perfect for students to stay here after college is one and maybe start a family. Quebec is not a small place. It will give you tons of job opportunities, especially if you went to The University of Quebec or Bart College. Average tuition fees are around CAD 25,000 per year. The other thing that makes this place perfect for staying even after you graduate is the employment rate here is very high. But even if you decide to live here just as long as the college lasts, hiring the moving companies Medicine Hat has for this occasion is the best solution.


    Ottawa is one of the best student cities in Canada to move to according to studies from 2021

    There are various opportunities for both international and local students. The diversity level is high. so whenever you are feeling like you have no place where you belong, think of hiring moving companies Red Deer has and move to Ottawa. Not only that the other students will accept you. But they will also bring up the best of you. Knowing these facts we are sure that it will do no matter which university you will go to. But just to inform you, some of the greatest ones are located just here. Those are :

    • The Unversity of Ottawa,
    • Saint Paul University,
    • Dominican University College and
    • Carleton University.

    If you decide to move here and maybe even start a family after college, you should know that it has some of the greatest living standards. And to add to that, it is voted to be the safest place on the planet! What more do you need to hear to choose this place for our new hometown?

    Ottawa from sky, one of the best student cities in Canada to move to

    Ottawa is known as a place full of diversity.


    If you want to study in a great city but also be close to nature, this magical place is just right for you. This is the best city that is close to nature. So if you ever feel like u are trapped in the concert and you really want to feel some fresh air or just walk on the grass, moving to Charlottetown during college is something you should definitely do. It is the capital of Pince Edward Island and you will be happy to hear that the population here are people younger than 40 years old. You can even find some really low renting prices. So there will be more money left for you to spend on costs of tuition, which here are around $6800.


    If you have not heard about this place it is because it is just another one of the Quebec provinces that has so much to offer. To be fair, it should not be this low on our list. Trois-Rivieras is ranked third in some studies when it comes to the best student cities in Canada to move to. You can find really cheap rent and tuition. Another great thing is that the crime rate is low. There are places that have less level of crime, but if you are looking for some great schools Trois-Rivieras might be the perfect place for you. Maybe the best thing about this place is that it is really close to the National Park. So if you are a nature lover, you do not like to study hard and spend the whole day in the library, moving here will be the best choice for you.


    There is just one thing that students do not like about this place. Although it has below-average costs and most of them have their own homes here, Brandon is missing something that is very popular these days. And that is the lack of vegan options. We understand the modern time and that everyone has their own needs. But, if you are not a vegan and you like some of the fines meat cuisine, you will be enjoying Brandon so much. With some of the best schools around you, you will have the best time of your life as a student.


    Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta. It is actually the perfect combination of nature and concrete. The average cost of tuition is around $6000 and over 41 percent of the population that have graduated. One of the most famous universities in Edmonton is The University of Alberta. Here you can find so many great things and post-college activities. These activities are the reasons people decide on staying here and building their businesses ad families.

    buildings and nice sky behind

    Being able to be close to nature is priceless.

    The cities like St John’s, Calgary, and Fredericton are also among the best students cities in Canada to move to

    St John’s is a province of Newfoundland and Labrador and it is raked really the thing on the list of the best cities in Canada for students. The most famous attraction that brings students here is some of the best beers you can find and drink. And what are college days without some fun memories?

    The average cost in Calgary for students is around $6000 and it is a really diverse area. You can meet so many different people and find out about so many different cultures that you will be learning something new even when you just hang out with your new friends.

     Fredericton is a place that has the highest percentage of people aged between 15 to 24. It is also the place where live most the non-Canadian people so it will be a great chance for every student to fit in.

    What do you need if you want to study in Canada?

    No matter which one of these places you choose to live in, there is something that you must have in order to apply to Canadian colleges. To start, you need to apply for a study permit. After you have done that you should take the English language proficiency test and pass it. And in the end, all you have to do is wait and be accepted.

    man smiling

    Find out what you need in order to get into some Canadian college

    Choosing among these best student cities in Canada to move to is not easy. But if you think it through and you are well aware of your needs and the way you want to go through your university, the decision shouldn’t be hard to make. After all, it does not matter what the statistics say. If you are feeling someplace is the right for you, you should grab a chance and move there. Everyone is different, therefore, the spirit of the city you are moving to might feel different to you than to other people. Take your time, decide and start having the best time of your life.


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