Best Canada cities for young entrepreneurs

    Are you a young person in Canada looking to start up your own business? If yes, generally, you are lucky enough to take the advantage of the proximity to the United States and enjoy the benefits it brings along. But where in Canada to settle your business?  Which are the best Canada cities for young entrepreneurs?  There is a lot that Canada offers to youth businesses. First of all, Canada has a well-educated workforce, galore of natural resources, it supports diversity from all around the world. Above all, it has developed a rich technology industry. Best cross Canada movers try to present some of the Canadian cities ranked among the top places for entrepreneurs.  Vancouver naturally has the leading place here but other excellent locations are Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Collingwood, Waterloo, and many more. Read on, so you can find the city that best suits your needs.  

    Canada cities for young entrepreneurs


    Vancouver is home to major technological industries among which are numerous video games studios in the world. Together they occupy more than 40 % of the real estate in the heart of the city. Vancouver stands out as one of the most enjoyable and greenest cities in the world. That being the case, Vancouver is a city where the growth of green products is increasing. Green building, carbon finance and investment, protection of the environment, alternative energy resources, and others are fast-growing businesses. The cross-cultural ties with Europe and Asia are very strong in Vancouver which with business-friendly immigration policies make Vancouver a very inviting place for entrepreneurs

    ariel view on city centre in Vancouver at dusk

    Vancouver continues to be one of the best places to live, work and invest in the world


    Edmonton, Alberta is the synonym of the oil and manufacturing industries. Oil has such a strong echo in the area that even their hockey team is called the Oilers. Oil is still a large industry in Edmonton, but at the same time, new businesses are booming in the city. Several factors cause this shift in industries. A lot of small businesses are in the process of making and the Edmonton communities are being very supportive toward them. What is more, there are specialized organizations that support businesses which is a significant booster to the young entrepreneurs. Edmonton’s population went up 2 % last year, making it the second-fastest-growing metropolitan region in Canada. Edmonton creates 20 %  of the country’s new jobs and households in Alberta’s capital earned nearly $10,000 more than the national median. 


    Without a doubt, Toronto is one of the greatest cities in the world to do business in, the same goes for starting a business in it. Not so many cities in the world can offer such diversity,  talent, and a driving economic, commercial and financial engine. Being a strong industrial and tech hub at the same time. Moving Toronto to Thunder Bay for doing business is great. Opportunities are great, there is the lower cost of Research&Development (compared to Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, etc.) and the government refunds on R&D investments are as high as 65% of the investment. Very convenient for businesses that is why 2,500 to 4,100 startups call Toronto city their home. Toronto has a bright future in tech thanks to supporting of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) which assists youth entrepreneurs in various stages of development. 

    Canada cities for young entrepreneurs

    Toronto ranks highest in the province as place to start a business


    Montreal has its place among the top 20 startup ecosystems in the world. The city has plenty of opportunities to offer those who are starting their businesses. Here are some reasons why Montreal is the right place to start your business. It is a dynamic city with a highly qualified workforce. The cost of living in Montreal is more affordable compared to other Canadian cities. Montreal consumers have greater purchasing power and more money in their pockets. Therefore, it is easier to develop and maintain one’s business in Montreal. It is of high importance to launch your business in a location that is easily accessible. You can get to any corner of the city by car, by public transport, or by bike. There is a large influx of capital and support in funds more than $4.4 billion CAD every year. So, it’s no wonder Montreal has become an investment spot.

    areal view on MOntreal

    Montreal scored the highest points in terms of overall employment opportunities


    Collingwood is one of the best Canadian cities for young entrepreneurs. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) ranks Collingwood sixth in the country for the top entrepreneurial community. This high ranking is based on the increased number of business ownership, general business optimism, and the policy of the local government with regard to regulations and taxes. Also, the unemployment rate has been decreasing in Collingwood in the past years. Furthermore, it is an employment center for the South Georgian Bay region. Collingwood has had population growth in recent years and this has led to an increase in the growth of the business community. The top five industries in Collingwood include medical care, construction, entertainment, manufacturing, and recreation.


    Waterloo is one of the smaller cities with a population of just  550,000 which doesn’t come first to mind when one thinks of doing business. It has recently come under the radar of young tech entrepreneurs. Since then they have made over 1,100 new ventures thus making the community have the highest startup density in the world leaving behind even Silicon Valley. The promising talent comes from the University of Waterloo which has an outstanding engineering program. A lot of businesses are using services which include moving from Toronto to Winnipeg and others from Cenntenialmoving to relocate. There is the  Accelerator Centre assists startups in this best-kept secret town which is turning to the tech industry’s number one location. 

    To conclude

    As an entrepreneur, especially a young one there’s a lot to consider before you start your new business. Apart from the above-mentioned cities, there are many more exceptionally inviting entrepreneurial cities in Canada. In case that you are looking for a more detailed presentation of Canada cities for young entrepreneurs contact moving from Toronto to Saskatoon and other reliable, resourceful centers in Canada. Join the many aspiring entrepreneurs who have already turned their great ideas into thriving businesses. You’ve got great ideas and all the passion in the world, we are sure you will work hard and take risks to achieve your goal.

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