All you need to know about moving and living in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Moving to a new area often requires a significant amount of research and planning. Halifax, Nova Scotia offers its residents a unique combination of urban and rural living experiences. On the east coast of Canada, lies Halifax, the largest city in Atlantic Canada and the capital of Nova Scotia. The city is a mixture of historical sites, entertainment venues, and outdoor activities. However, moving and living in Halifax Nova Scotia will also mean having to understand the area’s cost of living, job prospects, and housing market. Furthermore, it would be wise to hire movers Canada; as professional moving assistance can make the move much easier. On the other hand, the city’s vibrant culture, friendly locals, and strong economy make Halifax a great place to live. Hence, if considering making a move to Halifax, Nova Scotia, it’s important to understand all the aspects of living there.

    Moving and living in Halifax Nova Scotia – Everything you should know

    Halifax is a city of nearly 420.000 residents. Because of its location on the east coast of Canada, Halifax enjoys a moderate oceanic climate. Winters are quite mild and summers are usually warm. This makes it an ideal place to live for those who love outdoor activities, as well as for those that might prefer to stay inside during the colder months. And while Canadian moving services can make the process much easier, you should still plan ahead and understand the cost of living in Halifax. Because the city is so large, housing can vary widely in terms of price and quality. When it comes to jobs, Halifax offers its citizens many opportunities across several industries. The economy mainly revolves around public administration, healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing. With its beautiful scenery, strong economy, and vibrant culture there is no doubt.

    Cost of living in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    • Housing – Median home value is around 484,800C$, while rent is around 1,850C$/per month
    • Transportation – A ticket costs around 2.75C$, while the monthly pass costs around 82.50C$
    • Utilities – Basic utilities would be around 190C$, while the internet and mobile 102C$
    • Food – An average person spends around 500C$ on food a month
    sixty Canadian dollars in paper, and a bunch of coins on a white surface to represent the cost of moving and living in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Moving and living in Halifax Nova Scotia is oftentimes much more affordable than in other Canadian cities

    Buying groceries in Halifax will be much more expensive than in any other major Canadian center. Furthermore, the city is well-served by an efficient public transportation system. With a monthly pass, it is possible to travel around the entire metro area for less than 100C$. The median personal income in the city is around 48,000C$, while the median household income is 86,700C$. If you plan on doing this long distance moving process with the help of a professional moving company, the national average for such a move is around 1,000C$.

    The job market in the city

    Now, if you are to move to a new city, you might as well have a good job waiting for you there. Halifax offers its citizens many opportunities across several industries. The city is home to some of the most important employers in Canada; such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Irving Shipyards, and SNC-Lavalin. Additionally, there are many smaller businesses that employ staff members from different walks of life. With a relatively low unemployment rate of 6.7%, Halifax is an ideal place for those looking to begin a new career. If you are looking for careers in the public sector, then the city has plenty of options. On the other hand, when it comes to wages, Halifax is quite competitive if we look at other Canadian cities. For instance, moving to Halifax from Ontario would mean that you would generally have an increase in wages of around 10-15%.

    Moving and living in Halifax Nova Scotia – The education of the city

    Halifax has two universities and several colleges. It offers an excellent education system for its citizens. The city also provides various programs for international students who wish to study in Canada. There are plenty of opportunities available for those who want to pursue higher studies in the city. Additionally, Halifax is home to many great schools and fantastic learning centers. For example, if moving from Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS, you could see that the education standards are higher in the latter.

    an open book in front of a pile of books to represent education

    The Halifax education is quite diverse and provides options for both children and parents

    In Halifax, you can find a variety of educational options for all ages, from kindergarten to post-secondary institutions. Furthermore, Halifax is home to an active cultural and arts scene, with a thriving live music and theater industry. There are many festivals that take place throughout the year, as well as community events for all ages.

    Adopting the Halifax, Nova Scotia climate

    The Halifax climate is quite mild; with average summer temperatures of 22C and winter temperatures of -2C. The city experiences four distinct seasons, but most days offer plenty of sunshine. Furthermore, the city can experience some extreme weather; such as snowstorms or thunderstorms during the winter months. It is important to take these conditions into consideration when looking for car shipping companies Canada, as they can play a vital role in how easy the process goes. Especially when you are looking to transport your vehicle in the safest manner possible. Halifax is also located on the Atlantic Ocean and can experience strong winds, heavy rains, and fog. As a resident, it is important to be prepared for these events.

    Halifax is a very green city

    When we say green, we mean both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Halifax is home to over 60 parks, reserves, and trails; which makes it an ideal place for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and kayaking. The city also has a great recycling program that aims to reduce waste sent to landfills each year. And with the presence of several green initiatives like composting, energy efficiency programs, and green transportation options; Halifax is an ideal place for those looking to live a sustainable lifestyle.

    a picture of a tower soaring from the woods with a body of water full of boats in front of it

    Whether you are looking for a sustainable lifestyle or a nature-oriented city, Halifax is the place for you

    If you end up moving from Toronto to Halifax, you can notice a huge difference in the air quality and pedestrian-friendly streets. Furthermore, Halifax is home to a variety of wildlife, from seabirds and seals to dolphins and whales. Moving and living in Halifax Nova Scotia is the perfect choice for those who are looking to enjoy nature and live in harmony with their environment.

    Moving and living in Halifax Nova Scotia – Traveling to Halifax

    The city can be easily accessed by plane, with direct flights from major cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and New York City, or by car via two highways: the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 104) and the Cabot Trail (Highway 105). On the other hand, if hiring province to province movers, you will most likely use the system of highways that lead to Halifax. In that scenario, the most popular routes are Highway 104, which connects Nova Scotia to New Brunswick; and Highway 101, which connects Nova Scotia to Massachusetts. Traveling through these popular routes, you should expect to pay more for the transport of your goods. Furthermore, you will most likely spend an additional day or two on the road if you are planning to drive from one province to another. If that happens, you should make sure to plan in advance and book the hotels or motels on time.

    The cost of hiring professional moving services

    Hiring moving services will always bring more benefits than drawbacks to your moving process. However, when hiring professional moving services, you will have a lot to think about. From moving through the holiday season; which usually involves higher prices, to the size of your home, which will affect the total cost of your relocation. It is important to be aware that moving costs depend mainly on the distance and weight of your belongings. You should also ask if any extra fees apply or if there are any discounts you can take advantage of.

    a highway sign showing the entrance to Halifax

    Professional movers can help with various aspects of the relocation process

    On the other hand, moving to Halifax would cost you anywhere between $1000 and $6000. Of course, this will depend on the distance you move to, the services you choose, and the time of year. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead and get in touch with a reliable moving company.

    Preparing for the process of moving

    Moving is never something that should be taken lightly. It requires time, patience, and a lot of preparation – from the packing to the unpacking process and everything in between. Therefore, it is important to do your research beforehand and prepare for all that a move involves. Get information about the area you will be moving to, as well as its culture and lifestyle. Also, make sure to have an accurate cost estimation of your move, and get in touch with reliable moving companies. Furthermore, don’t forget to check if you need any additional moving supplies (e.g., boxes, tape, etc.). Finally, plan for the time it will take for you to arrive at your new home and travel around the city. If you want a stress-free move, you will have to make sure to cover all those bases.

    Getting to know the residents of the city

    Halifax is known for being a multicultural city with a vibrant atmosphere, so make sure to research more about its people and their customs. Furthermore, get in touch with the local government of the city of Halifax to learn more about what services they can provide you with. Most Halifax residents are friendly and welcoming, so you should expect to get a warm welcome when you arrive.

    a busy street in Halifax, to represent the residents one might expect when moving and living in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    The residents of Halifax make the city even more inviting and welcoming

    Moving and living in Halifax Nova Scotia is a great opportunity to start a new life; Especially when the locals are friendly and the city has a lot to offer. The median age in Halifax is 39.9; while the median age in Nova Scotia is 43.7. This means that Halifax is great for young people who are looking to start a career or study in the area. If you are in the demographics, you should definitely consider moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    Moving and living in Halifax Nova Scotia – What can a family expect?

    If you are a family thinking about moving to this city; you should know that Halifax has a lot to offer for all ages. From universities and colleges to parks and museums – Halifax has something for everyone in the family. Furthermore, you can also find great job opportunities in the city’s growing economy; as well as plenty of cultural events and activities to explore. As far as the family-friendly lifestyle goes – Halifax is renowned for being a very safe city, with low crime rates. Furthermore, public transportation in the area is easily accessible and affordable; making it convenient for families to get around without having to worry about costs or safety. Finally, some of the best schools in the province are located in Halifax – so if you have kids in your family, you should definitely consider the move!

    The quality of life in the city

    As we come near the end of this article, we have to discuss the quality of life an average Haligonian can expect. Halifax is famous for its low cost of living and high standard of living – making it an ideal place to live in. The city also has a great range of housing options to suit different budgets and tastes; from apartments, condos, and townhomes, to traditional homes with backyards. Furthermore, you can find plenty of parks around the city, offering great amenities and activities for everyone in your family – whether it be walking trails, sports fields, or playgrounds.

    an aerial view of a busy street in the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Halifax is at the top of the list when it comes to cities with a high quality of living in Canada

    Finally, Halifax is a beautiful coastal city with plenty of scenic views to admire – making it a wonderful place to call home. And if moving to Halifax means moving to a new province, don’t worry; Nova Scotia is known for its welcoming attitude to newcomers and its diverse cultural heritage.

    Like every relocation, this will take time

    As you can see, moving and living in Halifax Nova Scotia will open a lot of different doors for you and your lifestyle. However, this does not make it any less complex than any other relocation you would go through. So, if you are aiming on changing your address to Halifax, make sure you have all the information you need. To do this, start by researching all the necessary steps you need for a successful relocation; like finding a new home, registering with local authorities, or even hiring a moving company. Additionally, plan out your budget in advance and make sure to include any additional moving supplies (such as boxes and packing tape) in the list. Finally, don’t forget to have a game plan for when you arrive at your new destination – that way, you can make sure you are prepared for the move and avoid any unnecessary stress!


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