7 Reasons to Move from Medicine Hat to Surrey This Year

    Change of location often happens for different reasons, even when a previous place of residence is no less than ideal for living. Change is a normal part of our lives, and relocations are often beneficial for our personal development, studies show. Therefore, if you consider moving from Medicine Hat, Surrey might be a perfect moving destination for you. We at Centennial Moving compiled this list of 7 reasons to move from Medicine Hat to Surrey this year. Once you realize what makes Surrey so special, you will definitely want to pack your bags and boxes, and move to start a new life! In that case, you will also need a team of specialized movers to handle the entire relocation endeavor for you stress-free. You can always contact us to learn more about our offer and book a free estimate on our website.

    Why move from Medicine Hat to Surrey this year?

    Current moving trends make fast-developing cities with thriving economies beneficial for living. That’s why Surrey is the ideal choice if you consider moving in the near future. Medicine Hat counts as one of the best Canadian communities for living. It’s definitely a perfect blend of economy, affordable living, and a welcoming community. Plus, the education in Medicine Hat is one of the best in the country, which attracts lots of students. The residents of Medicine Hat are also big on sports and recreation. It can be said that living in this delightful place is comfortable and balanced. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that moving companies Medicine Hat has on offer are on a long break. Although being known as a popular inbound place, Medicine Hat has a significant percentage of people moving out.

    a woman in yellow turtle neck shirt approving of reasons to move from Medicine Hat to Surrey this year

    There are strong reasons to move from Medicine Hat to Surrey this year.

    Those looking forward to seeing and experiencing something different may find their sweet spot in Surrey. Most people who pursue better jobs or simply want to expand their horizons opt for relocation to Surrey without giving it a second thought. Therefore, it’s not surprising to hear that influx of new Surrey residents is from Medicine Hat. Simply put, a long distance relocation to Surrey means having a wide array of opportunities at hand. According to recent research, Surrey is about to additionally grow and develop. Therefore, make sure to keep reading in order to learn why Surrey stands out as an attractive moving destination.

    #1 Surrey is a fast-developing place

    The city of Surrey experienced rapid growth and became a desirable moving destination in Canada. Its job market is quite diverse, with plenty of vacancies and a lower competition rate. That further means the chances to get a job are bigger. The only thing that can make a job search last a bit longer is a lack of demand in a particular industry. Nevertheless, finding a job in Surrey comes easier compared with other places in Canada with a higher job market competitiveness. Furthermore, business and entrepreneurship flourish in Surrey, which attracts young professionals with fresh start-up ideas. It’s worth mentioning that the unemployment rate in Surrey significantly dropped below the national average. Furthermore, the poverty rate also decreased thanks to the booming job market, quality education, and better social policies.

    woman reading about reasons to move from Medicine Hat to Surrey this year

    A wide array of job opportunities is one of the many reasons to move from Medicine Hat to Surrey this year and start fresh!

    Due to its fast development, many saw an opportunity to invest in businesses and real estate. Over the last decade, Surrey has proved itself as a potential for another top business center in Canada. Low tax rates and stable real-estate situations are a benefit that companies don’t want to miss. That’s why many long distance movers Ontario has on offer saw an increase in demand for quality commercial relocations.

    #2 Affordability is another main reason why people choose to move from Medicine Hat to Surrey

    People nowadays look for places that have the best of both worlds – higher wages and affordable cost of living. That’s why interest in Surrey doesn’t seem to disappear among those who think of moving this year. Housing in Surrey is much more affordable than in the majority of Canadian cities. The average rental price is twice lower than in Vancouver, for example. For the same amount of money, you can get an equal quality. In addition to this, the low costs of utilities and groceries allow the residents in Surrey to stay within their budget. The financial stability that many people in Surrey enjoy motivates families, future parents, and retirees to relocate there. At the same time, the quality of life remains high.

    a happy family in park

    Affordable life is often the reason why families choose Surrey as their new home.

    The rise of remote job positions inspired people to seek affordable places that are also great for living. The majority of remote workers will tell you that working and living in Surrey is one of the best decisions to make. Not only do they enjoy affordable and financially stable life, but also have a lot to see and do. Digital nomads also spend some time in Surrey before they continue to the next destination.

    #3 Surrey’s neighborhoods are great for living

    There are many pleasant neighborhoods in Surrey that might meet all your needs. We are going to highlight only a few of them that are known as places with everything at hand:

    • Guildford welcomes young professionals who are trying out their chances in Surrey. Housing is quite affordable, and the crime rate is quite low.

    • Elgin Chantrell is a perfect blend of old and new. This modernized neighborhood grew into a prestigious place in Surrey.
    • Morgan Creek is a calm and peaceful neighborhood with lots of green surfaces. It takes only a short drive to get to Vancouver and many other places. Plenty of dining options is available there. The menu is filled with delicious options, and whine choices are simply amazing.
    • Sunnyside Park includes Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Park. Proximity to this amazing piece of nature makes Sunnyside Park a perfect neighborhood for living.

    Apart from these most notable Surrey neighborhoods, other places are also great for living. It all depends on your personal needs and preferences. The only difference between the neighborhoods might be home and rental prices. However, you can be sure that each neighborhood in Surrey has a very low crime rate, and are thus safe for living. Once you make your decision, research some of the best moving companies Surrey BC has on the market and pick the ideal company for you.

    #4 Surrey welcomes people of all ages and cultures

    No matter the reasons, Surrey has a place for everyone at different life stages. People tend to move there after their retirement and downsize to smaller living spaces. Fortunately, neighborhoods in Surrey have all the necessary amenities and that’s another one of the reasons to move from Medicine Hat to Surrey this year. In addition, they are very safe and walkable. Because of their family-friendly nature, Surrey neighborhoods are ideal for retirees, families, young professionals, digital nomads – basically everyone.

    happy elder couple having fun playing games

    Retirees also relocate to Surrey.

    Although Surrey isn’t as crowded as Toronto or Vancouver, it’s still a popular moving destination and one of the best places to start over in Canada. Furthermore, diversity is obvious. The community in Surrey celebrates diversity and has a spot for you, regardless of where you are from. Additionally, Survey is a place that can accommodate your needs once you move there. Are you an aspiring fresh graduate looking for a better job? Or your reason for moving is to find a perfect place to spend your golden years? Is affordable life your main motivation? All in all, rest assured you will find what you seek in Surrey.

    #5 Excellent transportation system

    Commuting in Surrey runs smoothly, and the traffic is less crowded. Public transportation is well-organized. Furthermore, getting to London, or Vancouver is made simple for those who work there but live in Surrey. An excellent connection between the neighborhoods is the reason why all of them are equally sought-after. Although they might differ in prices and house aesthetics, they provide their residents with all the necessary amenities in one place. Plus, traveling to bigger cities is simpler and time-efficient. You won’t have to spend hours waiting for the next bus. The transportation system in Surrey is well organized, and that’s one of its major benefits.

    #6 There is always something happening in Surrey

    Life in Surrey is vibrant and there’s no lack of things to do. Entertainment and nightlife are one of a kind and worth experiencing – from unique restaurants to various pubs that serve amazing cocktails and beers. There are also excellent places, like Magnetiq club that hosts dance events. When it comes to top-notch live music shows, Blue Frog Studios is definitely the leading club that promises no less than fun and good vibes.

    #7 Move to Surrey if you are a nature lover or a fan of outdoor activities

    Whether you go to Bear Creek Hike to hike or camp after a tiring working week or spend family time at Crescent Beach, you will enjoy the scenic nature of Surrey’s nearby area. Living in Surrey also means living close to nature, which is a huge plus. Sports and recreational outdoor activities are popular among the residents. They also make the most of a wide range of sports facilities. That being said, the people of Surrey are among the healthiest ones in Canada. In case you are one of those outdoor lovers, then be sure you won’t regret moving to this amazing place. Who would say no to an affordable place close to nature, with a laid-back community that leads an active lifestyle?

    girl having fun outdoors

    Outdoor activities – one of many reasons to move from Medicine Hat to Surrey this year.

    Hire the best movers in Canada to relocate you from Medicine Hat to Surrey

    After you decide which Surrey neighborhood is the most suitable for you, take time to research and compare moving companies and their moving services. It’s important to pick a licensed mover with a track record of successfully executed relocation. Keep in mind that long-distance moving journeys take longer to organize and execute than local ones. Therefore, it’s best to let the professionals handle everything for you than to do it yourself.

    When you have professional long-distance movers at your side:

    • Relocation becomes simple and less overwhelming.
    • Heavy loads are the least of your worries.
    • Packing and unpacking are easier.

    Don’t rush when looking for a legitimate moving company

    You can get the information about any mover you consider hiring with just a few clicks. However, researching the company before making a call is something you must do. There are several reasons for that:

    1. Hiring a company without all the licenses and certificates won0’t do you any good.
    2. You will get peace of mind once you know whether a company is trustworthy.
    3. It’s risky to hire any company without researching them and reading customer reviews for more information.
    4. Fraudulent moving schemes often appear as legitimate movers, which is why a detailed background check is s must.

    All of these reasons are more than enough to convince you why is it important not to jump into hasty decisions when choosing a moving company. Safety during the move should be your number one priority. The best thing to do is stick to licensed movers that have been around for a while. First, they know how to handle the relocation tasks even when unexpected changes in schedule come up. Second, they will provide no less than top-quality moving services. And third, you won’t have to worry if the company is actually a moving scheme that doesn’t work in your favor.

    two guys moving boxes

    Let professional movers do the difficult moving tasks for you.

    Moving from Medicine Hat to Surrey takes time and patience

    It’s a good idea to remind yourself of reasons to move from Medicine Hat to Surrey this year. Not only it will keep you motivated, but also make the entire relocation journey seem a breeze. Delays due to unexpected circumstances are more common than not, regardless of how far you move. That’s why patience and good organization will save you a lot of headaches. Also, having a reliable moving team at your disposal will reduce the burden of the move and make the transition to Surrey stress-free.



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