7 Last minute moving tips

    Everyone thinks that it takes a lot of time to move. And that is somewhat true. However, sometimes you do not have a month or two to prepare. So what do you do then? Is it possible to pack and move in just a few days? In the following article, Centennial Moving Canada will show you 7 amazing last minute moving tips that will help you pack and prepare in record time and, most importantly, do it properly.

    Read our 7 last minute moving tips and move in just a few days

    If you start reading online moving tips, you will most often find that you need a month or two to prepare properly. Of course, that would be ideal. You really need a lot of time to deal with so many things before and after the move. Especially if you do not have proper experience with moving. However, there can be a time when you simply have to move instantly –  a time when you do not have two weeks to declutter and organize a yard sale, a week to find the best cross Canada movers, a week to pack, and another few weeks to do everything else.

    couple reading last minute moving tips before packing

    Pay attention to our last minute moving tips and move like a pro

    So, will that mean that your move will be a disaster? Well, that doesn’t necessarily need to be true. You can actually do all that stuff in just a few days. That is if you know what you are doing and you are highly organized and efficient. But how to be highly organized and efficient if you never moved before? Simply follow these last minute moving tips that we prepared and you will certainly make it.

    Start by making a moving plan

    Every move starts with a plan. And even though it might sound like a waste of time while you are trying to move in a hurry, trust us. If you do not have a proper plan that you can follow, you will certainly forget about something, which can lead you to a situation where there is no easy way out. So take an hour of your time to prepare a proper plan. You can use this article as a reference. But you are also free to browse the internet for more handful tips and tricks. Your plan needs to contain all the steps that you need to take from this moment until the moment you arrive at your destination. You will also need to make some big decisions before you start making a plan.

    For example, you need to consider whether you want to move in a DIY fashion or you want to move with the help of professionals. How do you plan to travel to your new home? Will you drive in your own car or do you plan to hire one of the car shipping companies Canada to transport your vehicle? If that is the case, you will have to start searching for plane tickets also. There are many more things that need to go into that moving plan. So make sure that you think about everything thoroughly before you begin.

    Rise before the sunrise

    Before you start reading our last minute moving tips we want to remind you to get an early start. Since you are tight on schedule, you should cut your sleeping time to a minimum. Of course, go to bed earlier the night before the action starts. But also make sure that you get up before sunrise. The big and difficult task is in front of you – you will rest after your province to province movers deliver your stuff to your new home. Now that you know that, here are the remaining 5 last minute moving tips that will help you move quickly and smoothly at the same time.

    morning coffee

    Start early, don’t wait for the sun to come up

    Start by making a moving inventory list and removing excess items along the way

    When moving, the packing process will be the most difficult and most time-consuming part. Everything else can somewhat be done in a rush. With packing, you need to be extra careful and organized in order to do it right. And in order to make yourself more organized and efficient you need to have a list of items that you are planning to move. This list will be more than just a reminder of what you are moving. This list will allow your movers to give you a precise moving estimate, you can use it to determine the right number of required moving boxes, and you can use it to inspect your items upon delivery.

    Still, you cannot make a moving inventory list if you have a ton of unnecessary items in your possession. No matter how neat your home is and how often you removed excess stuff and junk from your home, you will always have some items that you do not want to move with you. Not only that excess items will take time and additional boxes to pack, but they are also making your moving inventory heavier thus making your move more expensive. Most long distance movers Canada has to offer will form their price according to the weight of your moving inventory. So it would be smart to get rid of everything you can before they arrive.

    If you are really tight on a schedule you can skip the decluttering part. However, you should know the consequences of such a decision. Decluttering and making a moving inventory list shouldn’t take more than 6 hours to complete.

    couple reading a last minute moving tips

    Remove junk and list the remaining items at the same time

    Prepare the necessary packing supplies

    Having appropriate packing supplies is one of the prerequisites of a successful move. If you are, for example, moving from Canada to USA, and you want your items to arrive at your new home undamaged, you need to have them properly packed. However, there are ways to ensure the safety of your items even if you do not have the finest moving boxes. So, you can buy new moving boxes in a local store, which will take an hour or two of your time. You can order them from your selected movers, which will take somewhere between a few hours and 1 day. You can visit your local stores and look for free moving boxes, which can take a few hours or a few days depending on their current supply.

    Or you can use alternative packing supplies like plastic bins, baskets, plastic bags, and other items that can carry and protect your belongings. Plastic bags are particularly handful when moving last minute as they make packing things like towels, clothes, and bedding a piece of cake. Now, regardless of the choice you make, now is the time to prepare packing supplies. Use the inventory list you prepared earlier to determine the right amount of packing supplies you will need.  And make sure that you do it right from the get-go. You do not want to waste time by going to the store again in case you do not have enough boxes to start with. Packing supplies that you need to prepare are:

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Plastic bins
    • Bubble wrap
    • Plastic sheeting
    • Plastic bags
    • Packing tape
    • Packing paper
    • Labels
    • Markers
    couple holding boxes

    Gather necessary packing supplies

    You will also need some tools

    While you are preparing your packing supplies, you also need to prepare some tools. Some items, like furniture, for example, need to be taken apart before packing. And you cannot do that without proper tools. For this, and for cutting cardboard and plastic wraps you will need:

    • Screwdrivers
    • Pliers
    • Allen keys set
    • Hammer
    • Scissors
    • Utility knife

    Find someone to help you pack

    Now it’s time to start packing. But before you do, you need to consider your options. The simplest and fastest way to pack for a move is to hire a professional moving company that offers packing services and let them do that for you. For a job that you will need a whole day, they can do it in a couple of hours. Of course, you will have to pay them to do it. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution this is not the option you are looking for. Next, you can do it on your own. However, if you never moved before you might find it difficult to complete the whole packing process properly. So you will need to find some packing course and learn all the tricks before you start.

    a woman reaching out

    It is faster and easier to pack if you have helpers

    Finally, you can do it with the help of friends or family members. This option also requires more time than when you hire professionals but it’s cheaper. It is still faster and easier than when you are doing it on your own. This is the option that we recommend you opt for. So, before you start, look for someone that can help you.

    Pack your essential bag first

    Before you start packing, you want to prepare your essential bag. You do not want to pack your entire home only to start going through boxes looking for a toothbrush or a cell phone charger. So, you will start your packing process with packing essentials that you will need for the upcoming trip. Now, what you will actually pack in your essential bag depends on the time you expect to spend on the road. But most of the time you will need your documentation, wallet and money, hygiene set, cell phone, charger, some snacks, a bottle of water, etc.

    Pack one room at a time

    It is easy to lose yourself during the packing process. Especially if you feel like you are in a hurry. Now, while this can also work, the better and more efficient solution is to pack in a room-by-room fashion. Start by packing a bedroom. Once you are done, move on to the kitchen. Then, pack your living room. And finish with a bathroom. Not only that you will be more efficient this way, but you will also have an easier time unpacking afterward.

    couple packing

    Pack in an orderly fashion

    One thing that you shouldn’t forget about, however, is to properly label each box. Otherwise, unpacking will be equally hectic as if you were packing your entire home randomly. While packing, pay attention to some key points that will help you avoid damage as much as possible and be more efficient.

    • Make sure that you do not overweigh your boxes. Heavier items like books, for example, should be packed in smaller boxes for that reason.
    • Reduce free space in boxes as much as possible. If your items can move during transport, there is a big chance that some damage will occur.
    • When packing fragile items like wine glasses, wrap each item in bubble wrap or packing paper before you put it in a box.
    • Add an additional layer of packing tape to the bottom of each box to strengthen them additionally.
    • Wrap your boxes in plastic if you are moving during rain or snow.
    • Leave your clothes on hangers. Put them in the trunk of your car, in a plastic trash bag, or use wardrobe boxes
    • Use all the available space to pack your items. Use laundry baskets, drawers, wash basins, etc.

    The fastest way to move is with the help of professionals

    Those are the 7 last minute moving tips that we prepared for you. As you can see, if you are well organized and know what you are doing, you can prepare for a move in a day or two. Of course, everything would be faster and smoother if you use professional Canadian moving services. But you can do it even without their help.

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