7 key questions to ask movers before hiring them

    When it comes to long distance moving, it generally means making lots of decisions in a short time. From choosing the right moving date to selecting the correct moving supplies, the number of your tasks can be a lot. However, the most important decision is also one of the hardest: choosing movers. With numerous local and long-distance movers out there, there are many options you can choose from. And that’s why you need to know what questions to ask the movers when interviewing them. To find a company that best fits your specific needs, here are 7 key questions to ask movers before hiring them.

    What moving services do you offer?

    No, every mover is the same. And the experience and services they provide can be quite different. That’s why you need to hire movers who have precisely the services you need. For example, you might be planning a local move. For a local move, you will want movers who know the neighborhoods well. on the contrary, you might be moving long distances.

    two movers holding cardboard boxes

    One of the most important questions to ask movers before hiring them is what moving services do they offer.

    It’s best to hire movers Canada who work with a trusted network to move your belongings safely across the country or even internationally. Also, you will need a moving company that is able to handle lots of paperwork that goes with long-distance or international moves. In addition, consider how much pre-moving preparation you need to do. Would you do the packing yourself or would you let the movers handle it?

    Are you a trusted and certified mover?

    Unfortunately, the moving industry has rouge movers and reputable movers. To take out the rouge movers, check the company’s credentials. Take a look at reviews from past customers online. Don’t just read the reviews on the moving company’s website. Be sure to take a look at sources such as Yelp or Google. Also, remember to check professional affiliations. An established moving company should be verified by the Canadian Association of Movers. Also, having a Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a good sign. At last, do research on how long they have been in business. If they’ve been around for a long time, they are most likely a reliable and trustworthy company.

    Before hiring movers, ask how much will the move cost

    Before committing to Canadian moving services, find out how much will it cost. Understand how they calculate the price — is it based on the number of crew, hours, weight, or any other aspects? Local moves are usually priced based on different calculations compared to long-distance moves. Also, beware of moving companies that provide estimates on the phone. You want a reliable moving consultant to take a look at all of the possessions that need to be moved, and give you a precise estimate. Write down the moving estimates to see how close the mover is going to stay to this price. Any conditions that may impact the final price like a last-minute change in the number of items that need to be moved will need to be made clear.

    two people talking about questions to ask movers before hiring them

    Ask the movers about the price and understand how they calculate it.

    Do you have references?

    No one hires employees without taking a look at their references, so why would you hire movers without checking for theirs? Before you entrust your possessions to movers, ask for their references. When you ask for references, a company representative will give you all the info you need. However, it’s up to you to do your homework. When you are looking for movers, also ask family and friends for recommendations. Even today, a word of mouth is one of the best ways of finding a reliable moving company.

    Ask about the packing

    Packing is a thing many people don’t want to do or don’t know how to do it. Good organization and lots of boxes are needed for successful packing. Your items’ safety depends on the packaging. This is why it’s very important to ask your movers about the packing. Their help with packing your items will benefit you a lot. Movers generally have lots of skills and experience and the best ways to pack your belongings. No matter if you need a wardrobe, bed, or kitchen equipment packed, it will be in safe hands. However, make sure to ask how much packing by movers affects the price and what you get with it.

    Mover packing items

    Make sure to ask your movers about packing your items.

    Do you offer any special services?

    One of the questions to ask movers before hiring them is if they provide any special services. These services usually make the relocation process much easier for you. For instance, if you own a piece of large furniture, it would be good for the movers to know how to disassemble it. This is going to make it a lot easier to pack it as well as move it. Of course, assembling the furniture in your new home is required. Also, if you own any expensive art, valuables, or antiques, moving those kinds of things is considered a special service. So in that case, the safe hands of your movers are going to be handy. If you have large, bulky items at home, like a pool table or a piano, you will need a reliable team of movers. So be sure to check this with movers before hiring them.

    Final words

    Questions to ask movers before hiring them when moving to Ottawa from Toronto are an important thing and a topic that will help you quite a bit. Take notes and get the info when asking questions. Be sure that all your questions are answered. If you think a mover is being unclear, end the conversation and move on. The moving process is stressful and you should hire movers you are comfortable with.


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